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Found 5 results

  1. Howdy folks! We've updated our MC server to MC 1.15.1! Luckily, 1.15 didn't bring a great deal of API changes, so the move over was fairly straightforward. With this update, we're hoping to fix most of the lag and performance issues our server has been having as of late. In this announcement, we'll be detailing some of our plans if 1.15 doesn't solve our performance issues - as well as a couple other noteworthy bits. Christmas Sale! Just a quick note before we get into the actual announcement - we've got a Christmas sale running on all the way until January 7th. If you've been waiting to pick up a rank, now might be a fine time to do so! The Backup Plan The ideal scenario is that updating to 1.15 would fix most, if not all of the TPS issues as of late. 1.14 was rushed out by Mojang - which is why 1.15 is so light on actual features. It was primarily a bugfix update - to clean up some of the mess that was made in 1.14, as well as various issues that have been around for much longer. My personal favorite (besides the lag) is sign colors. On (I believe) 1.8 through 1.14, signs placed facing north or south would have any colored text appear sort of muted. My theory is that they were trying to reduce the "neon" effect that colored text on signs had on 1.7 and prior. However, this created readability issues on multiple occasions. The colors simply appeared darker than they were on those two directions. On 1.15, however, this has been fixed - at long last. But, I digress. There is still a very real possibility that 1.15 won't fix all of our issues. In this case, we'll need to do some further investigation but the most likely next step at that point is migrating to BungeeCord - for good. For those of you who are new to CU, we've tried BungeeCord before - multiple times. The only two times it "stuck" was during our merge with Nuclear District, where our MC server as it exists now (except older of course) was linked with ND's survival server, and when we had a Semi-Vanilla server, which was also linked in a similar fashion. Both setups were retired once the other server stopped existing. ND closed their MC server, and eventually their community entirely, and Semi-Vanilla was closed with many of its core ideals brought into main MC survival. This attempt at BungeeCord would be a long process for us, and would require a lot of custom development. Currently, our MC server has a very strong sense of interconnectivity. You can talk to anyone, from anywhere. You can go to any player, from any world. You can go to Minigames from SkyBlock, then to Survival, then TP to some guy in Creative. If we migrate to BungeeCord, this is something that we MUST retain. Some of the more obvious things, like cross-server chat, are fairly straightforward. However, replicating the ability to warp anywhere, TP anywhere, use mail, private message, and so on between all servers is a whole different beast - and none of the available offerings are satisfactory. My goal when it comes to enhancing/replacing features with new technologies is to preserve the look and feel for the end user. That means all the specific details. The formatting, colors, and anything else must be exact. To put it short, if we do BungeeCord again, you as a player shouldn't be able to tell, at all - besides the improved performance, there shouldn't be any weird oddities or clunky operation. But, this is all theories at the moment. The hope is that 1.15 just fixes everything and we can keep on trucking like we have been thus far. Only time will tell. Relay Servers For those who aren't near North America and are experiencing lag (whether from distance or network issues in their area), we have decided to implement several relay servers to help ensure you get a better experience on MC. The relays act as a middleman between the main server and your local internet - reducing the strain on both sides of the connection, ensuring a smoother experience for those further away from the US or Canada. The currently available relays are as follows: France: United Kingdom: Australia: US East: (will be available within the next day or two) Special thanks to some of the Errite Games, LLC staff (Michael as well as a few others) for contributing servers in these areas. We are also working on finding a server in South America for a relay there as well. Don't worry - we aren't leaving you out! Reflections, and a New Decade So, let's talk about the elephant in the room. The big, lovable, and incredible elephant. We're alive again. Some of you new folk have probably heard - but it wasn't even 2 months ago (November 2019 for those reading in the future) where having even 5 players on MC at once was a big deal. And 10 was unheard of, except for very specific special events. But for the past week or so, we've been maintaining really good player counts (compared to the past). For those of you who are new, we've been around for a long time. Chaotic United dates back to 2011, with what's often called the "old Chaotic United". This was a period of time from 2011 through 2014 where CU was under mostly different management. I'm not gonna get into all the details here (there's reading you can do here on the website if you're interested though - check Help > History in the navbar), but this current iteration of CU is the "new Chaotic United", which started in September 2014. Between September 2014 and this December 2019, we've largely been at rock bottom in terms of population. That's not to say it's been outright dead for five years, you'll notice builds and structures from people who were clearly here before. But the way those all went were largely the same - some special event or thing happens, a bunch of people get on for a little bit, then a week or two pass and it drops off almost entirely. Another week and it's gone. That's it. Back to 0/20. Even when we had strong bursts of 10 people on for a couple days, they didn't last at all. Usually they lasted even shorter than a week most times even. What I'm seeing with this however is something different - an actual steady, stable growth. We've got a long way to go still - but for the first time in over five years, we have real traction again. Chaotic United is finally starting to grow as a community again. I'm not an emotional guy typically - but I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't moved by that fact. Seeing this continue to happen... Seeing this starting to become a regular thing is a truly beautiful thing to see. It's all I ever wanted to see. I (and alycat - who's also an Owner as well but is preoccupied currently) started this project back in 2014 because we didn't want to see CU fade into the shadows. Year after year, we'd make an announcement post, with server updates, on the various anniversaries of ND, old CU, and the new CU, all with the same promise of future plans of growth. And I'll be honest - when I wrote the 1.14 announcement topic, I halfway expected that I'd be doing the same thing again a year later. Now? I think that announcement was it. I think that was finally the starting point. Real quick, I want to give a big thank you to @AwakenedRage for his work the past few days on MC. He's put in countless hours over the past few days - fixing the server when everything got horribly damaged, as well as doing a ton of backend stuff fairly quickly and setting aside his other projects temporarily to ensure 1.15 has a smooth (and swift) launch. He truly is the ntx2 of this generation of Chaotic United - and I don't say that lightly. Additionally - I don't want to stroke this man's ego further, but I have to credit @Z0mbieslayer2013 for a lot of this. It was he who originally pointed out what we needed to do to start all of this - voting. It seems obvious, but I simply didn't realize that voting would do anything. I figured that we didn't have enough people on the server, and we would still be buried hard by the competition - so why even bother? He told me that a server he'd played on previously had gone from nothing to 60 players from doing voting. Nothing else. Just votes. He showed me how shit the previous vote rewards were, and guided me in the creation of new vote rewards. This new system was the catalyst for everything we've seen in the past month. It only took 5 years for someone to finally ask the question: "hey guys, what if we voted?" Of course - I've gotta thank the rest of the staff team as well - as they've been doing good keeping up with voting for the server consistently - which gave us the extra boost we needed to get us seen. The result? A playerbase. An actual playerbase. For the first time since the shutdown of the old Chaotic United all the way back in early 2014, we're starting to grow again. For those of you who are new, I and the rest of the CU team would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are a part of this community's rebirth. And I think that's the best way to enter into a new decade. Who knows what the future will hold? Only time will tell. But based on this, I think we're gonna have one hell of a ride coming up. Thank you all - players and staff alike - for everything. - The Chaotic United Team A note from Michael/Eptic Hey everyone, normally I leave these announcement posts to Halo. However with this particular update there are a few things I wanted to talk about here that involve me heavily more then Halo. First off, the boost in activity on the server. I am also amazed that all it took was voting (Even though I thought we were already doing it), I have also been brought concerns regarding maintaining the servers with there rarely being times in the day where players are not on the server. Beforehand we did not really have more then basic measures of keeping the server maintained, and often then not I would have to bring the server down for maintenance to do this. I am happy to say that, we have integrated measures to greatly reduce the need to take the server down. This does not eliminate the automated restarts (but we have changed the times that this happens). These measures were implemented during the past two days where we took the server down for an extended period of time . We are continuing to integrate as much as we can to not disrupt your experience on the server and are looking into different technology that can benefit the community. Next, I want to address something involving my future at CU. Some of you may remember that I intended to move away from CU near the end of the year to move onto other projects. While i do confirm that I am involved with other projects. I no longer have any intentions to leave CU. I assure everyone that I am not going anywhere and intend to keep Chaotic United on a road to success in all of its IT/CS related aspects. Furthermore, I plan to be more involved then I have been in the past two years in regards to things other then the back end and lurking around. Lastly, I also want to give my sincere gratitude to @Atomicbeast101 for his assistance with the move to 1.15 and giving us valuable feedback while CU enters a new era. Not only has he been helping on a technical level, he has also been helping in the staff/moderation side of things as well. Which has allowed us to get 1.15 out to you all quicker without cutting any corners. Adding on to what Halo said before, thank you everyone for everything. Regards, Michael/EpticRage/ErriteEpticRage
  2. This was just an April Fool's joke. Feel free to enjoy the announcement anyway, though! Hey, everyone! For the past few years, we have been thinking that we need to move into new business ventures. For many years, we have only had a Minecraft server and we've failed to evolve. For the past couple months, our team has been hard at work thinking up new ways to expand and grow Chaotic United, and we are finally ready to show off our boldest move yet. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the Chaotic United team is proud to present: Our dog food is an entirely original formula, created specifically for a happy, healthy dog. The food is great for puppies and grown dogs, so no need to change their food on them as they get older. Some of the key ingredients include: Vitamin D Vitamin P Red 46 Blue 122 Calcium dog vitamins Minerals Natural flavors Now, I know what you must be thinking. Where can I buy some of this? Well, we are still in the process of working with major retailers to put our food on store shelves. However, we are offering it directly from our own store! Buy Woof Bites™ from the CU Store We hope you guys are as excited as we are for the future of Chaotic United!
  3. Hey guys, just figured I would bring something up to you guys. For a while, we were planning on having an RPG mode for the relaunch. The idea being that it would be an experience made to be fun with, or without anyone else online. A few weeks back, we made the decision internally to push that mode off from the relaunch and slate it as something to develop post-relaunch, as such a major project would hold up the other developments which, while they will take time, will take nowhere near the time and effort needed to build an RPG world, plugins, quests, and so on. We have changed our plans once again. The original idea for the "vanilla" RPG server, along with all the lore and whatnot associated with it has been put on hiatus in favor of a much different RPG mode. The biggest difference is that this mode is being build on modded MC. I talked with a few staff about this and the thinking behind this is that it allows for a significant amount more flexibility than could ever be hoped for with plugins. With modded, we could literally hire voice actors and record real dialogue for characters during story missions (something we may or may not look into, don't hold your breath). So far, here is what I can say about this new RPG server: It, much like the previous idea, NOT be focused on standard Minecraft building and general survival gameplay It will feature quests, unlockables, and other things of the sort It, unlike the previous idea, be Sci-Fi focused rather than medieval focused It will feature brand new blocks, items, UI, and so much more I am bringing this up because I am curious to see what you guys think about this decision. As should be obvious by this point and the way things in the past have taken a 180 in the matter of a few seconds, nothing is set in stone. I am aware that by making RPG a modded-only thing, we take a significant hit to the potential player gains - both due to weak player computers as well as the much taller barrier to entry. As easy as Technic is, there are people who just won't bother putting in the time. We plan to have a healthy marketing scheme this time around as well as some promotional material and whatnot to entice players, but it won't be as much as if it was vanilla. The simple fact is there is a lot that can't be done with plugins alone. You can sort of do things, sure. You can put stained glass panes in a fake chest, all renamed to text of some sort to represent a button. This is probably the most boring and weakest example ever, but that's a simple thing you can't do on vanilla. 3D gun models? Nope, not happening. Advanced quests with waypoints and so on? If only. Custom blocks and textures alongside vanilla blocks? LOL no. That being said, this is why I said earlier that the previous RPG server has been put on hiatus. It is NOT being cancelled. All of its lore, backstory, and existing builds that have been set for it will remain on the side until the day comes that we may or may not need them. In the offchance that the old idea never gets revisited and this new project is a truly groundbreaking hit, we do plan to have these set in the same sort of universe - just in much different time periods. As such, some builds from that may be utilized in some form or fashion on the new RPG mode. But I digress, none of this is truly final. You know what that means - poll time (again)! In the poll attached, just tell me: would you prefer a modded or vanilla RPG? Medieval or Sci-Fi? Or if you have anything else to say, or maybe even some ideas, feel free to reply! Have a good day everyone!
  4. We made it guys. On September 5, 2014, I started this revival of Chaotic United, and shortly thereafter Alycat joined and made critical contributions to the project. And despite recent events and previous issues between me and Alycat and with Windwhistle and WindFrontier, Alycat and I continue to work together on making CU great again. Setback after Setback... Many setbacks have hit CU, the worst one happening just recently where several staff retired and went over to Elaztek Studios and several players also left. Along with that, Wind also has left us and has returned to WindFrontier as well. CU has been very chaotic (no pun intended. well, sort of) since this WindFrontier drama began. Several policies and rules are being updated and implemented to prevent future events similar to this from happening again. The events that transpired caused 3 months to be wasted for both CU and WF and has caused a lot of heartache for both myself and for Alycat. At first things were manageable, but as time went on Aly and I became increasingly miserable butting heads and being enemies. It wasn't right, we were close friends who understood each other better and more deeply than anyone could even begin to comprehend. As time went on, I continued to feel more and more powerless and more and more hopeless for the future of Chaotic United. Not only because of losing my partner since almost day one, but also because CU continued to make no progress despite making the "important" decision to remove Alycat from CU. We went nowhere, we began to boast more servers, but these servers did nothing to grow population. On top of that, Blizzardbball was demoted off the team entirely due to "immaturity". While I agreed that some punishment should come to him for what happened in CU's staff and admin discord channels, I did not feel that a full on demotion was at all called for. What I think doomed any cooperation with Wind/WindFrontier was the fact that we simply disagreed on too much stuff. Wind insisted that Alycat was a toxic and cancerous human being and extremely immature, where I thought that Aly was simply not the most mature person on the planet and didn't demonstrate the best attitude at certain times. Based on various external factors in Aly's life, that attitude was excused. Wind believed that Blizz's raging at CS:GO would annoy newcomers, and that he was overall immature and thus unfit for the position. I disagreed and others as well, stating that Blizz raging was going to be found funny more often than it was going to be found annoying. For example, see the spoiler below: Wind and I simply disagreed on the general direction that CU should take and numerous other decisions. It ultimately led to the events that took place several times, with us eventually leaving WF behind. As time went on and we remained with Wind/WF longer, the more damaged CU was going to be left in. Had Wind and them stayed in CU longer, it's hard telling what would have happened. I may have never gotten my friend back, CU may have shut down MC in favor of something different entirely. I may have lost all of my drive to keep CU going and either handed it off to someone else or shut it down entirely. But thankfully, nothing of the sort happened. Wind left and refused to return, Blar had already left. Michael wanted to start Elaztek and thus the door was gaping wide open for Aly to return. I know that some have questioned, "If halo knows that so many people dislike Aly, why bring Aly back in the first place?". The simple and not-so-cheery reason for it was not just that I wanted my friend back, but even more because there was no reason not to. Had I not done such, Chaotic United would have been rebranded into Elaztek Studios and the CU we know and love would be gone forever. And with me wanting to keep CU going, get my friend back, and continue my journey here, it was really a no-brainer. Elaztek was then presented as a place for people to "escape" from Alycat should they be unable or unwilling to tolerate Aly any further. Aly is not part of Elaztek Studios and while it has a different goal and ANYONE is welcome (and encouraged) to join it, some may prefer it because of the fact that it has the same team that CU has had for a while (including all of those who left besides Wind) and many of the same active users. But at last, here, on Chaotic United's 6th birthday, we are leaving the chaos behind and we are leaving WF behind to continue to help CU grow and expand - the right way. Not by throwing away those close to you in the hope of a few players, not by allowing what some may consider corruption to enter the high ranks of CU. We want to grow in a natural way that builds a healthy community, built around caring about each other and being friends with each other, not built around hating former staff and admins and owners. Some Changes Several changes will be made to CU. Some policy changes to prevent future WF incidents will be made to the Terms of Service and the Community Guidelines. In addition, we are actively seeking out new staff members to help fill in the void left by those who have left over the course of the past few weeks. And of course, we are looking into new ideas and features to add onto our MC server. In addition, all News and Announcements relating to WF and CR that were posted during the back and forth have been made public for you all to go back and read, as while it was a dark portion of our history, it is a part of history that we all know happened - and it will be remembered as we move forward. If we do not remember history, we forget it. And those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. And this particular instance is something that we must never repeat again. Along with that, with Aly coming back, Chaotic Reborn has merged back into CU - as it should be. Other splinter communities have also re-merged back into CU just as they should have been. Blizz has been set to Moderator which is what I consider to be a more sensible punishment for his actions - a demotion, but not a total demotion. Future Outlook Despite what you may have heard over on Elaztek Studios, CU is not being "left to die". This outright lie has been perpetuated by some folks that don't entirely understand the situation, or by those who simply believe that Alycat will be the downfall of Chaotic United. What IS true however is that I will not be as active as I have been for a little while as I am doing a lot of work to start Elaztek Studios up. I think that moving forward, we will be moving to expand beyond just MC server hosting as we were going to do beforehand. We have lost several servers due to recent events, however as mentioned before, these servers gave us no real traffic. I will be doing a lot of work on Elaztek Studios for a while, however I will not be simply leaving CU in the dust. Wrapping Things Up To top things off, for the next 72 hours we are having a 50% off sale on everything in the donation store, for anyone looking to get an upgrade at a lower price. We have a lot of plans being discussed internally despite all of these recent events so stay tuned, everyone! Happy birthday, Chaotic United! The Chaotic United Team ------------------------------------ haloman30 alycat 16dbaxter Atomicbeast101 esponshadow1
  5. So, some things have gone down here Chaotic United that has led to a new group called Elaztek Studios coming up to fruition. Over the past few months on CU since Aly was demoted, I was sitting around miserable due to the loss of my friend, Alycat. Today I had a weak moment again and I wanted to bring my friend back. I was talking with Michael regarding it and he later spoke to Wind. Wind ended up quitting CU outright and is back on WindFrontier. At that point, Michael and I had little faith in the future of CU due to Wind leaving. Eventually, it came to a point where Michael and I were considering rebranding CU under the Elaztek name and CU would effectively die off, but I came up with a different plan. Aly has returned to Chaotic United and is once again my friend. CU may or may not continue to move forward but I will retain a hefty level of control over it - as in, Aly isn't coming in and totally taking over. I will continue to have a fair amount of involvement here at Chaotic United, however I will also be doing a great deal of stuff over at Elaztek. The MC server will continue the path it is right now and we will continue to expand it as we have been. If you have anything against Aly, or even if you don't, I encourage you all to check out Elaztek Studios: If you have any additional questions or concerns please ask them below! The Chaotic United Team ----------------------------------- haloman30 Alycat 16dbaxter Atomicbeast101 Blizzardbball