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Found 2 results

  1. ...Nuclear District said it's final goodbye. On August 21, 2016, Nuclear District closed it's doors forever. It was a new start for Chaotic United, but also a sad end to another. In a world before the new CU was even an idea, Nuclear District was the only future for the old community. CU was under the borderline corrupt ownership of Killerteddy, and it was slowly dying off. With lack of evolution, lack of funds, and other struggles due to the mishandling of CU, the team made the choice to break away and bring as many people from CU as possible over to a new home - Nuclear District. Atomicbeast101, Nik, Alex, Kendev, ntx2, and a long list of other people set out to make a superior, healthier community to escape the thumb of the dying Chaotic United. They had a bold vision, and the team to pull it off. And for a while, they did. As time went on, the team grew tired and slowly, they started to move on from managing online communities and went on to pursue other passions. Many of them had been doing it since 2012 - and were in the process of entering a new stage of life. They wanted to move on with life. In 2016, they made the decision to shut ND down - and if the new CU hadn't popped up in late 2014, that would've been the end to the story. A once great and lively community, gone out with a mere whimper and a fraction of the members it once had. That would have been the end to the CU story. Thankfully, that's not what happened. The new CU did exist, and as a result, we can carry the torch. The fire they lit all the way back in 2011 and carried forward until 2016 didn't die off in 2016 - the torch was passed to a new generation. A new group of people - faces old and new - to carry forward the legacy of the old Chaotic United, and Nuclear District. This year, we went the extra mile to do just that. Instead of just a simple remembrance post, we wanted to truly honor Nuclear District and all it stood for. As those of you around back when the ND forums upgraded to IPB4, you've noticed that with the slow trickle of old themes being reintroduced, a couple themes were absent - the old Nuclear District themes. Today, we are proud to announce that those themes have been reintroduced! The two themes are named District One and ND 2015 - Dark Theme. District One is the original theme used by Nuclear District at the very start, and ND 2015 - Dark Theme is the modernized variant of that theme that was in use around the time that CU and ND first merged. They look and work just as you'd expect - District One even has it's color picker to let you recolor the theme to your liking. Just for today, we've set District One as the site-wide default. The default look will return automatically tomorrow - if you don't want to wait, however, you can go back to the default theme by going to the Theme menu at the bottom of the page and choosing Chaotic United - 2016 (Default). You can alternatively pick District One or ND 2015 - Dark Theme at any point later through this same theme menu. Along with those two forum themes, we also wanted to introduce another history piece. With the permission of Nuke, we've introduced a new website section - The Nuclear District Archive. This archive serves as a hub for every single ND website iteration. We've made some minor changes to remove broken links and such, but aside from that everything is exactly as it was. The only exception to that is the homepage for ND 2015 v2, which relied on ND's forums for recent announcement data. Beyond that though, everything is intact. You can check the archive out by clicking here. Before we end off this post, let's revisit a few ND forum topics, shall we? First off, we have an old favorite - from the very beginning of ND, ntx2 (The Tastiest Tickles) created a topic explaining the new community creation and all those juicy details. You can check it out at Next up, we have a topic that some of you may not have even known was from the ND era - The Below Game. It was originally created by Nakudan, on the ND forums. You can check it out at Time to reminisce about the creation of the 2015 theme we just introduced! This is the topic that Kendev posted when the original theme was first released to the public. Let the memories flood back by clicking over to And of course, who could forget back when ND and CU first merged, this topic was made on both the CU and ND forums. The ND version can be found at Side note, you don't know how long I was waiting for a reason to use the "It's happening" gif. You can also see Nakudan being very leery of the whole ordeal One more thing - for those unaware, most of the active ND users at the time of it's closure can be found on the NARA Discord server. It was created with the goal of keeping the community that ND had together without the need to maintain a website or manage a community or any of that. You can join them by clicking over to While Nuclear District may have shut down, its book closed, it's memory has not faded from our memory. Their impact and legacy continues to live on in Chaotic United to this day - and for all the days and months and years to come. Their impact has been massive, and if Nuclear District never came to be, we wouldn't have made it to where we are today. To all of those who staffed at Nuclear District: Thank you. Your work for all those years set the stage for a new era to begin. You set the playing field for CU's story to continue, and for all that you've done, we make it our promise to you that you will never be forgotten. The contributions and work of Nuclear District's staff were nothing short of exceptional. We will continue to honor them and remember them as we move forward, to never forget what they have done for all of us. Stay Nuclear, my friends. - The Chaotic United Team Special Thanks to the NuclearDistrict Team Atomicbeast101, Alex, Nik, ntx2, 16dbaxter, Falkerz, Spencer, Kendev, Bobbie_, LaughedSnail, KooladeCaprisun, ZacSkitlez, Em_Aru, DrummerWiz, ilovecars333
  2. Today is a dark day in Chaotic United/Nuclear District history. As of today, Nuclear District has closed down. Their website now holds a memorial message: and contains links to their Discord server and the Chaotic United website. There is some information that was not shared previously that I now feel should be shared. First off, Nuclear District ran off the same forum software that we use today. It is premium/paid software and more addons means a higher renewal price per 6 months. Why is this relevant? Back in 2014, when Chaotic United was first making a return and gained some traction, you may have seen notes in the footer about someone known as GeneralKnapp. At the time he paid for our forums software in full. He was generous and contributed a very large payment towards the CU revival project. But that was in 2014. After that initial payment, he seemingly disappeared off the face of the planet. The first renewal came and Knapp was nowhere to be seen. At that point, 16dbaxter and Mikey were both on board, and they contributed the renewal price. Around the same time frame, they also purchased Blog and Nexus for us to use. GeneralKnapp was not seen for over a year even after all that. He made a small appearance on ND claiming he would pay 100% of all expenses for CU and ND. Afterward he proceeded to vanish again. To make matters worse, in Fall 2015, IPS did a mass password reset, and since Knapp was missing in action we could not reset the password and as a result could not renew or upgrade our license. Recently he resurfaced via Facebook after infinite contact attempts by both myself and Alycat. At this point we both wanted him to simply change the password and security questions so we could do a License Transfer. Unfortunately, he claims not to have access to the account's email and thus the account is now unusable, and the license while valid cannot be renewed or extended. As of last night, Nuke and I discussed some things and I purchased some things from him. One of those things was the Nuclear District Forums license, which can be renewed and upgraded as desired. But what is the other thing you might be wondering? The other thing was the domain name Currently we have no plans to revive ND. Such a thing is not out of the question by any means, but right now we are going be focusing more on Chaotic United exclusively. That being said, when you visit the Minecraft server you are likely to still see some NuclearDistrict branding. Right now we are choosing to keep it "in ND's honor", however if it causes issues/people complain it will be removed. Within the website, a custom homepage style has been created to replicate the look and feel of the ND homepage prior to its closure. Additionally, all forum skins that you could use on ND will be available here, completely untouched. The ND Goodbye page contents: Regardless of what the current team will do with Chaotic United and Nuclear District in the years to come, today is a very pivotal and very sad day. For the first time since CU was relaunched, there is only one set of community members. There is only one forums, one website, one set of services. This fact does hold promise and will truly test if we can rebuild a successful community on our own. The sad part is that a part of the community has died. Some members have moved over here, but many have moved on already and may never see that page or visit these forums. ND was created in the closure of CU, and pulled in a massive block of the community as a result. While ND was a fresh start, it was effectively a healthier and, in many ways, a successor and superior version of Chaotic United. Those forums contained a massive user base from the original Chaotic United, even ancient people such as Spencer and Ntx2. But now that part of the community is gone, never to be seen again except the remnants of which that have come here. For those of you who have come here, we have tried to make you feel at home coming over from ND. We understand that some ND members may not like the direction we are going in, or just dislike the fact that we have chosen Chaotic United as the name to bring back. For those that have such feelings or feel that we are doing something that you feel is wrong we encourage you to let us know either by a Suggestions and Feedback topic or via PM to one of the admins here. This day will be added to the calendar and will be dedicated in memory of Nuclear District for the rest of Chaotic United's lifespan, which is currently set to be quite a long time. Please do know that despite all of this, we will continue to honor donations made to ND on this community as well as old Chaotic United ones. Lastly, the ND staff has setup a Discord server called NARA for the purpose of allowing people to remain in touch with the staff and what remains of the NuclearDistrict community. A link to join that Discord server has been added to the Services and Status sidebar block to allow people to find it easily after the ND goodbye page is gone. Soon, the Forum topics and threads from Nuclear District will be sent to us and will be merged into our existing forums base. Any questions, thoughts, or even if you want to leave any messages to the guys at ND feel free to reply or contact one of us via PM, and if directed towards ND staff they will be sent to them if you desire. Stay Nuclear my friends, but always United. The Chaotic United Team Haloman30, Alycat, ci833508