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Found 2 results

  1. I was banned, I understand my consequences & I've learned now from them since I'm a teenager now. I am sorry for Illegally breaking rules, that I've should not broken or talked about it. Sorry CU PLATFORM Lovely -TSNNinkago1 (ign)
  2. Hello everyone! Just a quick update today regarding some recent changes! First off, for those who don't pay notice to the sidebar, we have a Discord server! You can join it at: That being said we will continue to be supporting the NARA Discord server for any of you who missed the memo about ND's closure. Our discord server as well as NARA have both been the sort of main hub for community activity as opposed to the forums for the time being (which i suspect is because of the lack of an MC server and sizable playerbase at the moment) Secondly, a new forums theme was just released! It is fairly simplistic, but that is by design. For those of you who love the look of Windows 95, 98, NT Workstation, 2000, and ME this is the theme for you. It aims to tap into that old nostalgic look of older Windows versions. Lastly, those who are astute observers of the title may be wondering, "Why did we go from CU Updates #9 to #11?" Well, there were two updates titled CU Updates #6 (around the time ND closed down and that was the source of the confusion) and rather than going and editing the titles of all the posts I figured it'd be better to just jump to 11 to fix the error. (#Laziness) Additionally, there are some announcements that were going to be saved for the MC launch but as to not make the relaunch post have any negative downer content I will just announce them here and now. Since the relaunch operation began in 2014, we have continued on the legacy of being a cracked server. As of this next iteration of the MC server we will be cracked no longer. The cause was partially due to the fact that it was becoming increasingly difficult for us to advertise effectively when running in a cracked environment, and combined with the fact that only one or two people were actually cracked players it just didn't make sense. However the main reason was because of a purely technical problem with a plugin called AutoIn. The plugin was added originally to allow skins to work correctly on the server, but was later purposed with alleviating issues with people leaving automatically due to required /login and /register commands. As a result it was set to only require cracked to do those commands, premium users could join and play with no commands at all. Unfortunately, after updating the server beyond 1.8, a deep lag issue began occurring. Some of you may recall times where I tried to update to 1.9 before a relaunch was planned but it never came to fruition because "1.9 was a laggy pile of crap". 1.10 had the same issues but to a slightly lesser degree. It wouldn't lag outright, but flying or moving fast would make the server appear to freeze and lag but in reality it was all client-side. Server-side, there was no lag and everything worked properly. After some analyzing it was discovered that AutoIn was the issue and as a result it was removed. What I suspect was the issue is that AutoIn interfered with the player-server connection and caused there to be long and painful delays in any data transmission between client and server. I do want to bring back cracked support in the future but after staff talks a while back it was unanimously agreed that a laggy experience for premium and cracked was worse than a fully playable experience for premiums at the cost of denying cracked access. If you are a cracked player, you have likely been here a long time. Some of you have been around since the KaizerCraft days, and some of you even longer. I urge you to cough up the money to purchase the game for around $25 USD. If you have been around this long you probably also really enjoy the game and have gotten a ton of fun out of it. If you refuse to buy it or simply can't afford it, then you can just hang around in Discord and TeamSpeak and whatnot and wait until cracked support is reintroduced. We are looking for alternatives to AutoIn to bring it back. The MC server itself is still in need of a completed Creative and SkyBlock spawns and a few plugin configurations before we are ready to launch. Lastly, I want to go ahead and mention the recent US presidential election. So far you guys have been good about not attacking each other for differing political views. I would ask simply that this continues and if there are differing views that they can be discussed in a civil manner without having a complete meltdown like 45% of the country is right now. And I will leave you with a screenshot of the Creative spawn thus far: