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Found 11 results

  1. Hey everyone! Some exciting new developments have been happening today! We once again have a dedicated server. You guys may remember a while back we had a 32GB Dedi from OVH - that was dropped due to the steep pricing that we simply couldn't afford. However, with our expanding services and our desire to make a bigger, broader, and more epic Minecraft experience, the time has come once again to bring a dedi into the picture. It isn't as grand as the old one, but still is going to spell huge improvements as this server boasts 16GB of memory - more than sufficient for the MC server as well as leaving plenty of room for expansion. That means no more random crashes every time some players get on, and no more running out of memory all the time. Additionally, you guys may recall several instances where MC had to be abruptly taken down in the past and certain stats (namely Time-based ranking) got reset every single time (though was restored thanks to backups). That was all due to the fact that our VPS had only 40GB of disk space. Unfortunately, the MC server was really pushing it on resources as was evidenced by the several periods of time where the VPS just ran out of space. This also is what caused the recent reinstallation of the VPS last week as we believe it was this progressive running out of space that caused several system packages to just stop working. This ultimately resulted in the reinstall you saw not too long ago. Well, this will no longer be an issue, as the Dedi that powers MC has a hefty 2TB of space - WAY more than enough for MC. The server has already been migrated and is up right now. But wait! What about the VPS? Good question - it isn't going anywhere. In fact, this isn't just upgrade day for the main MC server, but the Beta 1.7.3 server as well. The server now has been given 4GB of RAM allocated to it since it no longer needs to share resources with the main server. Along with that, it has been given port 25565 and has its own IP as of now: Additionally, all Discord bots will continue to remain on the VPS and will have plenty of wiggle room. Soon, the old MC files will be downloaded and removed from the VPS to clear out the space for other potential smaller/lighter services in the future. Our plan is to let MC have that 16GB all to itself. Moving forward, you should see major improvements in stability on all our services. This was a necessary change that probably should have happened a long time ago. But hey, better late than never, right? :^) Lastly, I want to thank Michael/AwakenedRage/Kryptoaware for solely paying for this Dedicated server out of his own pocket. Give him some love! Have a good day everyone, and happy crafting on our new and improved infrastructure!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is the creative world that was used on CU from 1.7.10 up until its retirement in 1.10. This creative world was retained on CU from day one of the revival. Unlike the survival map, this was not falsely retained due to lack of experienced server administration, but because it didn't need a reset. Yet. It was eventually retired to allow for larger scale builds on the MC server, as there was no other means of doing it aside from an experimental 'OpenCreative' mode. This had the drawback of limited grief prevention and ultimately didn't work out well, and was scrapped. This map was retired when the server updated to 1.10 and was replaced with the upsized plotworld featuring 200x200 plots - nearly 3x as large. You cannot take this map, or any structures within it, and run it in your own server or someone else's. This is only for those who wants to continue their projects on it instead of having to start over in single player mode. Breaking this rule will result in your download privileges being permanently suspended and could result in your account being banned.


  3. Version 1.0.0


    This is the world that CU used for its survival gamemode in Minecraft 1.8 (2014-2015) In the early days of the CU revival, there was a rather...slow update process. The server began on MC 1.7.10, and this world continued to be used after the update to 1.8 - resulting in some areas of the map where new chunks were generated with the new world generator due to biome changes. It was not until the update to MC 1.10 that this world would at long last be retired in favor of a clean slate. You cannot take this map, or any structures within it, and run it in your own server or someone else's. This is only for those who wants to continue their projects on it instead of having to start over in single player mode. Breaking this rule will result in your download privileges being permanently suspended and could result in your account being banned.


  4. The time has come for Modded MC to return to Chaotic United! Once again, we are utilizing the Brink of Chaos Modpack - but this time around, we have included various mods suggested by YOU - the CU Community! The Modded MC Subforum has been added (and contains topics from FTB Trident, Horizons, and old BOC) and has a couple new topics added - an up-to-date list of all the mods installed, and a topic to help those unfamiliar with the Technic Launcher to get up and running. In terms of resources, you are going to need at least 4GB of RAM on your PC and a decent CPU. RAM is the biggest thing you need. If you know how Technic works, just set your memory to 4GB (or 3.5GB if you only have 4GB in your PC, or more if you have it). If you aren't entirely sure how to do this, check out this handy topic. For a full list of mods, check this other topic. As you can also see, we have a new and improved logo design for the Modpack as well! It is made to better fit what the pack overall has - technology, creativity, and weaponry. Our server actually HAS a spawn now, which is a considerable step up from the server that we tried to do before which really never had one. This modpack has been in the works since earlier this year, you may even recall BlarFlargen mention hosting it in the past. Now, the server is hosted by AwakenedRage/Kryptoaware, who while is not present on the CU Discord, still is involved in CU from the management side of things. Our server is live at - but this is technically unimportant, because the Modpack ships with the server already on your server list! We hope you guys enjoy the new and improved Modded MC experience, and stay tuned as we have another server set to launch soon as well. A server really designed for a small niche audience, but something we want to bring to CU nonetheless. So, go on! Have fun!
  5. Howdy All, You may all have a lot of questions regarding what has happened the past couple of days with the website and this post is to address all the concerns. First off, yes, we were having issues with our old webhost Host1Plus. Although we will not be going into details about the error, we can assure you that no data was compromised and that the site was only unavailable for a short period of time. Many have messaged me asking if the other fake CU was behind it. We were able to determine that a scripting error and a combination of a backup running at the same time caused all resources to be depleted. But even so me and Halo took into consideration how crazy the high ranking staff of the fake CU servers are and wanted to be prepared if they were to start such an attack. Our new Webhost has many differenes from H1P and we made sure to make the necessary changes to the configuration to ensure that you have a good experience. This webhost is DDoS protected and has staff monitoring the servers 24/7, so the likelyhood of anything going down is very low. All of our services have some sort of DDoS protection as of today. We are sorry for the forums for being offline for most of this week, but we very well think that these new additional measures were well worth it. Changelog: - The forum now uses PHP 7 - The Forum now uses additional methods of caching.] - Apache now optimizes the website and compresses data sent for faster latency. - Moved to a new web host. - Deported Alycat....
  6. Hello everyone! First off, we have done some bugfixes on the MC server (and a bit on the website). Most of the bugfixes include some minor tweaks and changes as per some requests that were brought to our attention. We have a lot more in the list and we will be working on those as well. You can view the full update log here: Additionally, some changes have been discussed behind the scenes and the cultivation of it all is that Alycat, the other owner of CU who has been lacking in activity for some time is now going to be playing a much more integral role in the community and will be far more active. For a time Alycat was sitting back allowing me to have my way with MC but now we are going to equally share power. In addition, if either of us needs a break then the other will step in, hopefully preventing either of us from getting burned out on Minecraft. Lastly, if any of you guys ever have suggestions, please tell us! We do listen, promise. c: Have a good day everyone, and stay tuned for further announcements in the not-so-distant future.
  7. Hello members of Chaotic United! If you have been with us recently (before ND closed down) you know that we took our MC server offline to do some work, as seen by this post. We didn't say a whole lot as to what was being done to the server. Today, Chaotic United is officially relaunching! Let's get right into the updates. Website The website has seen a good number of changes recently. First of all, there is a new theme selector. We have done some minor edits and facelifts to the old visual styles to bring them more up to date and make it feel more like Chaotic United. In addition to that, we have a theme designed to replicate the visual appearance of Nuclear District's website. For those that prefer the older and somewhat broken themes, they are available under a tab titled 'Classic Themes'. The old theme options are also still available, however due to the way they tend to cause noticeable visual errors they have been moved into a legacy tab. You can still poke with them if you desire but please keep in mind that the website from here on out will not be designed with those options in mind (and frankly have never been designed with them in mind to begin with). In addition to the look and feel of the site, we have some new pages! First off, the Forums tab has been renamed to 'Community' and is now a dropdown. Within it is the old forums link and a new Twitch Feeds page, also inspired by Nuclear District's website. Any Twitch streams that you guys post in the Streams forum that are continuously active, or any Streams we think you should take a look at will be added to that page. Additionally we have an About page that serves as a basic information page and also replaces the old Staff pages. The old staff pages have been moved into a 'Legacy' tab for those who wish to view them, however they will no longer be updated. With a similar layout and design, a Veterans page has been added that memorializes old legends of CU and the staff at ND. Lastly, a new Credits page has been added that has various credits of all the people or groups that had a hand in CU's history, as well as people who have contributed to the current iteration of CU Minecraft.. Minecraft The MC server is of course the main reason you guys are here. Let's get right into it. The most immediate change is that we have finally updated past 1.8! We are officially on 1.10! One bug that has been noted, you should not use 1.10.2 (1.10.1 is untested) as it causes a bug with our anti-cheat plugin and walking on certain blocks will cause it to think you are no-clipping. To prevent the bug, please use base 1.10. In terms of gamemodes, we are launching with Creative, Survival, and SkyBlock. We have a PvP focused gamemode in the works, but we decided to work with it post-launch as to get the server online sooner rather than later. Every single world has been given a brand new spawn. Some things are inspired from past creations, but this time around the builds themselves are brand new. For quite some time, we have been reusing pieces of old spawns or entire old spawns with some sloppy worldedit block filters. Ultimately, it was kind of neat and nostalgic at the same time, but for this relaunch we really wanted to give CU a fresh start, a clean slate from the mess of a server that existed in 2014-2015. Introducing: CraftBook! Some of you might not have a clue what this is. Those of you who do know what it is, are probably excited. It allows for a heap of new changes and tweaks to the game to expand it. Custom crafting recipes, gates, doors, bridges, and so much more. Some of the mechanics are only allowed in survival, and will show a 'You don't have permission to use this mechanic' message in other gametypes. As per before, we will continue to expand the MC server as time goes on and as new features are requested. Lastly, if you have yet to do so, you are invited to the Chaotic United discord server! If you are from ND or wish to keep in touch with original CU members that are not around anymore, check out NARA. Happy Minecrafting, The Chaotic United Team
  8. Hey everyone! As per a user's suggestion, we have created a handful of Chaotic United and Nuclear District wallpapers! Enjoy! 4k
  9. Hey everyone! Today I bring forth something that we are considering internally, which is switching gears and making our main MC server a modpack server. This post is simple, I want to know how you guys feel about it. Please know that this will be a custom modpack tailored to our needs and will not be a standard pack. The pack will be obtainable via the Technic Launcher. So, without further delay, vote away!
  10. Hello fellow members of Chaotic United and Nuclear District. A very sad and regretful event is now causing us to return here. Today, the admins at Nuclear District announced the end of ND. Services will be shutting down, and eventually the forums with it. While the spark of ND's admins has dwindled, our spark has not. While Nuclear District will be ending, Chaotic United will continue with our endeavours. As per the agreement with ND admins, the entirety of Nuclear District's forum threads will be moved here (though it may be under a generic user account). For those who haven't seen the ND topic yet: Some forums may be read only, and that means we haven't gotten to them yet. There may also be a few hiccups and missing features as we upgrade to IPB4. Additionally, any skins available on ND will also be available here. Remember, even with ND closing, we will always remain United.
  11. Hey everyone! Here you can download the old worlds of CU's MC server and ND servers. The files have been copied onto our webhost as to ensure they are not deleted after ND closes. ND FTB Horizons v1.1.0 - ND FTB Trident v1.3.0 - ND Vanilla MC 1.8.7 - CU Survival v1.8 - CU Creative v1.7/1.8 - You cannot take the maps from the list above and run in your own server or someone else's. This is only for those who wants to continue their projects on it instead of having to start over in single player mode. Enjoy