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Add the ability for players with WE to bring in //schem files (under 10k blocks)

  • Rejected Minecraft

Worldedit has this amazing command that allows you to save and paste schematics in that you save. I was thinking we should make these accessible. It would make transfering creative builds in single player to the server on creative so much easier. 

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There's a couple things I see that could be an issue:

  1. What could stop other users from loading and pasting your schematic?
  2. The schematics would have to be manually uploaded by @haloman30 or someone else with FTP access
  3. WorldEdit copies NBT data, which means chests would still contain their items, command blocks would contain their commands, etc

In addition to the 2nd issue I listed, I could see some sort of system possibly automating that process, but I can't think of a solution without it being easily abusable (eg, uploading schematics with high filesize, spam uploading, renaming files that aren't even schematics to schematic format)


Other than Halo manually verifying each one of the schematics a user would want uploaded, there just isn't some sort of system that would easily allow this to happen. Even then, there aren't specific permission nodes to allow only you to access your schematic.

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I'd say espon summed it up pretty well - sure, it's a cool idea and on the surface I'd say that yea I'd like to see it happen.


Trouble is, as espon pointed out, it's very easy for that to be exploited/abused. We've had a couple incidents in the recent past with chunks crashing the server due to overloaded NBT data.


And sure, I could in theory manually overlook each and every schematic - free time is becoming increasingly harder to come by for me and I've got more going on in life than CU at this point. It's more important for me to be able to use that time towards bettering the server and working on my other projects as opposed to screening schematics every 5 minutes.


Oh and plus there's no easy way to quickly look at a schematic since MCEdit is horribly out of date and doesn't support the modern schematic format.


Maybe one day we'll have a solution to this, but not today. Sorry.

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