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  1. /fly doesn't stay activated when you switch world (say survival to benefactor) or from one server to another while godmode does
  2. [gates] plugin not found on creative
  3. missing the permission plots.set.biome
  4. Refreshed and tried again and it worked
  5. Yes, I almost always have /cnolock on, and it also happened in creative now that I think about it. No claims in all cases (except for SV, Im_Soda_Pressed ran into the issue and I reported it before I would forget)
  6. This is an issue I found on builder, not sure if it's anywhere else
  7. Droppers that are facing into each other should put the items into the other dropper when activated, this has been a longstanding problem, I only have tried vertical droppers . it is present in CU and Bungee, if asked I can demonstrate
  8. Nether gold ore doesn't drop money (mined with durite pick)
  9. Some spawn eggs given by the vote crate have NBT tags and others do not, so they cannot be stacked
  10. as of 1.16, the hoe is meant to be the tool for many blocks, hay blocks, nether wart blocks, etc. The durite hoe does not break them even if extrabreak is on The shovel does not create paths in 3x3 manner it does everything
  11. Passive mobs in teddy fight cannot be killed. Chicken zombies spawn and the chicken cannot be killed
  12. Im_Soda_Pressed died around 11:13 AM, the chat reports it was fall damage. He said he was flying around his plot at the time
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