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  1. Multiple times before I had /fly and was building my enderman farm, I fell off, I would quickly do /home but oddly enough I kept my momentum, causing me to explode on impact and die
  2. I voted 6 times on the sites and then when I logged in the keys were available but world edit was not. Upon review it may have been due to me being in survival, I will check
  3. I'm not so sure about this one but I wanted to bring it up. When I logged in with my terrible internet, I claimed both the 50 vote reward and the world edit reward before I crashed, however I was given neither. I'm not sure entirely on the time, if you look through discord at the time stamps of my first messages upon my return that should give you a time.
  4. Once, upon voting and then claiming my reward of the vote crate key, I was given one key, I already had a trip wire hook in my inventory, (a plain one) and that caused the other 4 to turn into normal trip wire hooks. I alerted some of the staff but I don't think I made a report
  5. When I log onto the server it usually tells me to sign in with my password that I registered with, but it doesn't stop me from moving like it used to, it then says I loggged in
  6. I haven't tested it that much, I can do a bit of testing and edit this, but when I attempt to type in either /fly or /repair it appears in the red font instead of giving options or anything like it does for other commands. It says it does not recognize it. It does however still function.
  7. Oh no I have access to some commands like copy paste set replace walls sphere brush cyl But not Cut up or any of the others
  8. Worldedit has this amazing command that allows you to save and paste schematics in that you save. I was thinking we should make these accessible. It would make transfering creative builds in single player to the server on creative so much easier.
  9. During the time I was given temporary worldedit while you set up the vote system, I have not been revoked of the privileges despite it should have gone away. Edit: I don't have full access however, I can only do //wand to get the wand, a wooden axe won't work, and a number of the commands don't work either.
  10. What is your Minecraft Username?: MILKANDOREOS What can you do to help our community?: I am funny,, I build a lot, I have no life so I am on whenever I can be, I build a diverse range of stuff, and I love helping people! How did you find out about Chaotic United?: Peekomo or as I call him peekowo If you selected 'Other' to the above question, what community were you a part of?: