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  1. In Skyblock, named mobs randomly Zombies for Iron Farms. So far three named zombies have despawned including two that were holding items, one a bone and the other a birch wood plank. They are surrounded by wood in a tunnel and cannot burn, escape, or be attacked by golems. They seem to despawn after several days. Thanks
  2. Halo, Eptic, and Nuke, This is exciting news and should be a great choice to keep things running stable and more responsive! I can't wait to see the "new" hub server. Please hollar if you need any testing. Thanks, Peeks
  3. Sounds good...can you fix the influx of mobs at spawn while you are there as well? They even camp out at the world spawn. Thanks, Peeks
  4. Excessive spawns of mobs - especially Slimes if an area is lit up under a certain y level. Also spawns of mobs at spawn which should be safe for players. This plugin should resolve that in claims by not allowing mobs to spawn. Thanks, Peeks