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  1. That quote is absolute gold. How'd you even dig that back up
  2. OBS Studio is one of the best options out there for livestreaming and it's available for Linux. Screenshot tools always come with the desktop environment.
  3. Dear members, About two and a half years ago we set out to build a new gaming community, one that would be a fresh start from Chaotic United. We had a very optimistic vision, one involving a small but close-knit playerbase that came together and shared their experiences on our self-hosted game servers. Despite the challenges that we faced, we managed to set up a friendly environment that we hope many enjoyed. You, the community, have played countless hours on our servers. We appreciate all of you who shared this experience with us, from those that loyally stuck with our group from Chaotic United, to the eager newcomers who joined Nuclear District. All of us, the administration team and community members, have poured our hearts and souls into Chaotic United and Nuclear District. However, the spark that once was is dwindling. It is with enormous regret that we announce that Nuclear District will be closing its doors and saying goodbye. We know that many have moved on in their busy lives, and we wish each and every one of you the greatest success in all of your endeavors going forward. It has been a pleasure and an honor to work with you to push this vision forward. Through this journey we have gotten to know many new people, and we hope you all stay in touch. For that purpose, we have set up a Discord server for those who wish to remain in contact with the community and its staff. Our aim is to set up a simple, independent platform for everyone to communicate and game. Currently, a handful of us are using Discord to play games such as Rocket League and Brawlhalla. We hope that many of you join us. We are looking forward to finding new games and people to play them with. If you wish to join us on Discord, please follow this link for an instant invite: Discord is a super simple platform to get accustomed to, it offers both chat and voice functionality. Nuclear District was founded on the 7th of February, 2014. The phase-out process has begun as of the time this thread was publicized. Services will start to be shut down, and the forums will be locked at some point. Once the forums are closed, will direct to a message explaining the closure of the community. Eventually, the link will redirect to our Discord instant invite link. At some point, we will decide that it is appropriate to allow the domain to expire. On a side note, please rest assured that we are taking the appropriate steps to ensure that all encrypted login and personal information are erased. Once again thank you, and good luck in your futures, inside and outside of the gaming world. Sincerely, The Nuclear District Team: Adam, Alex, Nikhil, Ryan
  4. That's where you're wrong. There are many great project like G-parted on Linux that allows for easy data recovery. Installing a fresh OS is never a bad idea. Especially if you had problems before.
  5. Alex

    The Below Game

    False The person below me knows where the Netherlands are without looking it up.
  6. Did you let it complete all the way through? In safe mode? As for Linux distros, there is no "one true gaming distro" given that performance solely depends on your hardware. Although if you're basically looking for 24/7 Steam Big Picture then SteamOS is the thing for you. If you're a newcomer I generally recommend one of the Ubuntu or Mint flavors. Are you a tinkerer that always wants the latest version of available software no matter the consequences? Then pick Arch Linux. Something like Arch but a little more held back? Manjaro! Have a glance at this: You should probably check out Ubuntu, Mint or ElementaryOS.
  7. If you want to get into Linux then hit me up. I'll show you around and help you choose the perfect distro for your needs. As for Tronscript, make sure to run it in safe mode like it says in the instructions.
  8. We've grown past floppy disks. You'd need a damned strong magnet if you wish to erase your HDD.
  9. You could give Tronscript a shot. It does a lot of things which might improve your performance. From its Wiki: "Tron's goal is to take a badly-running Windows system (bloated, infected, etc) and disinfect it, remove bloatware, and basically get it running well again. That's pretty much it. And at this point it seems to accomplish that goal pretty well." You can see what it does and how to run it on its Github page. Just be sure to run it overnight given that it'll take some time. Our very own @Falkerz has a download mirror for it up:
  10. Battlefield 4 had an atrocious launch, Battlefield Hardline died within a month, Star wars Battlefront died before it could even be released and you can still scavenge hype for a shooter published by EA?
  11. Googling is a basic skill that should taught on schools .
  12. Use OBS, it's open source thus completely free. It's made for streaming but it records damned well too.
  13. If you want to fill that other 11% hit me up and I'll see whether there are ways to accomplish it. Every Linux user is a good user! However, I must admit, your desktop is disgusting.
  14. I see progress towards cleanliness!
  15. Dear Nuclear District members, Today we're pleased to announce the launch of our Left 4 Dead 2 server! You'll be able to connect to on its IP: " ". We've capped the server at 8 players for the time but this may be increased in case we deem it necessary. If you wish to indulge yourself with more information regarding the L4D2 server then you'll be right at home in this thread. We'd also really appreciate it if you would spend a minute reading the rules in order to avoid any conflicts. An additional neat little thing we've added are player stats, which can be found over on this page. In case you love being #1 then this is the place to be. You can compare your stats to other players and beat them! Make sure to join our Steam Group to catch up with fellow members and don't forget to leave your suggestions here. If you wish to have fiery discussions about the server you may freely post on its respective sub-forum. Best regards, The Nuclear District administrators
  16. I ain't defending your car you filthy hybrid!
  17. Are you trying to say that electric vehicles aren't considered as cars? They do have the most torque, so in a race and whilst cruising around I'd rather drive an electric.
  18. Added: Memorable Spaceship Built a spaceship in Space Engineers that is not to be forgotten
  19. I'd say change it to "Built a memorable ship in Space Engineers". The biggest ship could be easily achieved by just making a damned large box with some engines. Memorable on the other hand could mean a couple of things like extremely beautiful or an engineering achievement.
  20. Dear Nuclear District members, Today we're pleased to announce the launch of our Garry's Mod server! From now on you can find it on its IP: "". We currently have a player limit of 24 but might be shifting this around if necessary. If you wish to catch some more information regarding the server you may find yourself at home in this thread. We've also made a small list of rules over here, please keep in mind that rules might change around a bit if we feel like it's in high need. Because every Garry's Mod server needs a shop for customization we've set up a point store. The full list of costs and items can be found here. Points can be easily earned by playing on the server, just hop on and have some fun! Make sure to join our Steam Group to catch up with fellow members and don't forget to leave your suggestions here. If you wish to have fiery discussions about the server you may freely post on its respective sub-forum. In case you don't happen to own Garry's Mod yet you can find it here. It often goes on sale and can be permanently found cheaper at third-party retailers. Best regards, The Nuclear District administrators
  21. Alex

    The Below Game

    That was a good bit of fun indeed, although the occasional lag was infuriating. The person below me actually enjoyed their Monday for once.
  22. Run a linux distro with a lightweight desktop environment on them and they'll be rocking. Chromebooks are honesty a really good buy if you don't need much more than media consumption and lightweight productivity.
  23. Have a look at the new Dell Inspiron 7559's. They're all packed with an i7 and a 960m, the best thing is that they're very well priced.
  24. The new razer blade stealth is very promising and within your range. It features an i7, a 960M and the necessary RGB keyboard. The question is, do you truly need a laptop or is the mobility not important? A desktop will always outperform a laptop of the same price.