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  1. A Builds Gallery - By Newton3010 - Current Rank [Creator] Ver 1.16 - 1.17 Era Just wanted to post these in case I forget to back them up. Most if not all builds made use of redstone mechanics in some way. Underground rail systems to take harvested items to one of the self sorting silos. Iron doors controlled by classic pistion t-flipflops and dropper/hopper t-flipflops almost everywhere. The Mansion - 3 Levels Plus Basement Space Featured The 48 Item Sorter - Dual Redstone Elevators - 3x3 Piston Main Door/Gateway 48 Item - Compact Access Sorter The Villager Apartments - 4 Level (Almost 5 Levels) Each level for different villager types. XP/Copper Farm Auto Harvest Sugar Cane/Melon/Carrot Farm - Underground rail system to transfer items to the sorting silo. Newtonshop - My Store and Weapons Shop The First House & Storage Silo XP/Gold/Rotten Flesh Farm Blaze Farm Wither Skull Farm - Never really worked as intended due to captured/tagged & Armored Piglins still despawning. Still got many skulls from it. Villager Houses Automatic Wool Farm Automatic Chicken Farm And Automatic Bee Farm Axolotl & Turtle Aquarium Automatic Potion Maker - Inside the First House - Created potions by clicking the desired ingredients in the proper order. Not a Build - My Vault Contents for 1.18 - Totems/GApples & 4 Stacks of VoteKeys. - Ready for 1.18 !
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