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  1. I agree someone who has worked hard to keep this community going and has put in a lot of hard work just to receive being talked rudely about is Unacceptable You do owe Halo a apology
  2. @WindwhistlesFifthAccount answer me this why do you want to come back? Why do you feel you deserve to come back after what you did?
  3. lipinskip123

    big boy iq

    We have had several staff talk to you using nice words but you wanted to make a big scene so you started calling names and all that so....
  4. lipinskip123

    big boy iq

    I know, I was telling him that he was not banned.
  5. lipinskip123

    big boy iq

    Our Our logs does not say that... and you are not banned but merely have the rank of griefer.
  6. I found this plugin that might sound cool and fun its like SB but better