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  1. Well... That was an interesting 30+ paragraph thing. Heres was I have to say, Ive always had some weight problems and about 4 months ago I decided to lose some of that weight. I went on a 1200 calorie diet and I went to the gym 2 hours a day for 5 days a week, Over the summer i've lost 30 pounds. I was 156 and now i'm 126 pounds! Ive still got some more pounds to drop but I know how you feel, I weighed so much that even my mom was pressuring me and trying to pressure me to lose weight and i'm glad she did. Now I live about 2 miles from a gym andI ride my bike there and back, imagine riding a bike in 103* weather I would go work out for 2 hours and by then i'm all sweaty and I ride back home. It is hard because you're all sweaty and even after you've applied deodorant/antiperspirant it only works for so much... sometimes my mom would have me pick something up from the store and I'd be all sweaty, I've been a pretty shy kid, now i've gotten better and I can thank my Girlfriend for helping me with that, I'm not as shy anymore. I see why you kept mentioning your armpit hair, That symbolizes being and man and actually having responsibilities including paying your own rent, food ECT...  Anyways its not easy to disgust me, i've seen some pretty nasty stuff but I think you posting this was not a mistake and I think you are brave for posting this.