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Hello, My name is Patrick or as some of you may know me as Lipinskip123.I have been in foster care since I was 18 months old, My dad tried to fight for me in court but by the time court was over I had bonded with my foster family down in the South Hill,WA. When I was 6 I got moved to another foster house in Otis Orchards, WA just 6 miles from Idaho, this foster house I felt I fit into more and at the age of 7 I found Minecraft and worked to buy it for console, When I was 12 I got in a dispute with the oklahoma Cherokee tribe, they wanted me to be adopted by someone who was a registered Cherokee but I did not want to, I kept saying no But I was only 12 and did not have much say when I was almost 14 I was almost old enough to keep them from trying to adopt me and at a court hearing I said no and kept saying I did not want to be with them and that I was happy were I was they finally backed off and I have not heard from them since. Me and my foster mom did not want to get adopted due to a bunch of legal stuff but they wanted the next best thing, A long term foster care agreement which is almost adoption but you don't change names but they said I had to be 16 in order to get that. When I was 14 I decided to save up my money and buy a laptop and buy a Minecraft account. But just as I was beginning to be happy my real family got in touch with me, But they were strangers to me and it was very confusing to me. I agreed to do visitations with them on Birthday parties but then there would be a silence, they would not come in contact with me until they wanted. I decided to stop asking about them and just go with it, They will contact me every now and then and after months of this on and off relationship I decided that's when I had enough so I stopped talking about them. That's where I got back onto Minecraft and I was mod on a different server but was demoted to to my lack of knowledge with plugins so I decided to find another server, This server did not have a good Owner but had a good Co-Owner and that was Blizz. The owner kept promoting me and Demoting me and I finally got the Head admin role but ended up losing it due to lack of knowledge with plugins. I knew that I had to learn how to use plugins so I studied different plugins and I finally got promoted but soon the owners abandoned it. Haloman took us in and that's how I met CU. He let me have the role of Helper and I began to fall in love with CU and I got promoted to MCmod a few months later. So that's my story :)