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  1. Again? You say the whole matured thing everytime. I honestly forgot about this until I got the email notification. You seem to just keep saying you've matured but you repeatedly break the rules and we end up here...
  2. Yeah, I used it once for a server I setup and loved it. I havn't used any other Discord MC plugin
  3. I've used DiscordSRV before, I prefer it over the others.
  4. Oh, I can do profile songs now! Interesante 

  5. What I was actually thinking is this. So you make it so it puts it in the closest vicinity of all the players, but it also the bosses would be regular mobs but more like have more HP and does more damage. But I definitely thing that would be a good 1.15 update
  6. Can you make it so it interacts with the land protection thing? So that it doesn't spawn in protected land?
  7. You know what I'm thinking about the boss fights. I think that randomly there will be a boss that gets announced in chat and says the coordinates of where it spawns
  8. I'd say release minor changes but save the big changes as a revamp for the next MC update.
  9. So maybe on 1.15 instead of just updating stuff though you can also add some stuff like the bounties, as like a revamp type thing.
  10. Maybe something for 1.15 or 1.16
  11. Ok, but I still think the bounty would be fun, and maybe have like a sidebar of current bounties or active
  12. But this could replace that too though, if we make it good enough.
  13. I like the Idea of this, You could also implement bounties in the skyblock
  14. I can setup like a village with vendors and like a hub that with like markets for food, general store for like materials and like a hardware store for pickaxes and I can set it all up and you can use or make a plugin so that the vendors sell the items.