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  1. Nakudan

    The Below Game

    Holy shiz this is hella old. False, haven't been to the sv spawn yet The person below has seen a zombie in the buff
  2. What is your Minecraft Username?: Nakudan What can you do to help our community? : I build stuff, I plant, I provide ...the good stuff How did you find out about Chaotic United?: I was on the Discord and I have friends from here that kept in close contact with me over the years OPTIONAL: Were you a member of the old Chaotic United from 2010-2013?: Hell yeah. I'm old as bones
  3. I got ze PSN linked up with BO2. Do people even still use a PS3. If so, add me (nakudan12)
  4. You could try to create something unique like skyrace or something
  5. Nakudan

    The Below Game

    True The person below didn't like the Batman vs Superman movie
  6. Nakudan

    The Below Game

    True The person below has the Thomas the Tank Engine mod
  7. Well since your budget has the maximum of $1200 USD (I'm hoping USD) go for the razer blade stealth, razer blade or an alienware if you're feeling up to it
  8. Nakudan

    The Below Game

    False With the rate that the world's economy is going, I the max I would like to have is 4 and min of 2 The person below me thinks that Doritos is the snack of gamers
  9. Nakudan

    The Below Game

    True (Although I only remember a hazy green look) The person below thinks that Gandalf would win in a fight against Dumbledoor
  10. Nakudan

    The Below Game

    True. The person below knows me from the days of Teddy (The Dark Times)
  11. Nakudan

    The Below Game

    *Checks teh parts* Yup The person below has played Undertale
  12. Nakudan

    The Below Game

    I'm too conflicted to answer this properly. The person below has won something IRL
  13. Nakudan

    The Below Game

    No The person below me knows what and where Nuka-Cola is from
  14. Nakudan

    The Below Game

    Love em' The person below loves Dr. Pepper
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