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    I was banned, I understand my consequences & I've learned now from them since I'm a teenager now. I am sorry for Illegally breaking rules, that I've should not broken or talked about it. Sorry CU PLATFORM Lovely -TSNNinkago1 (ign)
  2. DontBeSoHoty

    DontBeSoHoty - Ban Appeal

    Server: CU Username: CUForLIfe Banned by: Haloman30 Reason: “Advertising” Appeal: I sont know why did halo man banned me for over just advertising. When that happend i was in “spectaor mode” in mod arena. After i got killed i said to my friend to go to play.**************.com. But i dont know why did i got perm banned. That was supposed to be atleast temp banned, istead of permantly ban. Thank U Ur wife (DontBeSoHoty)