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  1. Don't mind me. Just quietly walking in and sitting in the corner of the ceiling to watch what's happening.

  2. Following the announcement that NuclearDistrict will be closing the books, other things need to close as well. The teamspeak server is now offline, due to the large resources it uses for negligible activity. Discord works very well (with a link to join it provided by Alex) and has some fun plugins installed. If people wish to setup their own teamspeak server(s), they are more than welcome to do so. As ever; have fun, play hard. We'll see you on the other side...
  3. @esponshadow1 when running tron, it's best to run in safe mode (not necessarily with networking) and to let it run all the way through. An average run takes several hours to complete, due to how thoroughly tron purges potential viruses, malware, adware, PUPs, telemetry data and junk files from your system. I'd be interested to know which flags you used to run tron (if any) and whether you ran it under safe mode or not. I can't remember if the auto switching to safe mode was implemented in version 9 or not...
  4. I somewhat agree with Alex on this one. If it were WWII themed I might be more interested to see how it pans out, but even then, I'm still not sure what they could do to keep me interested. BF3 and BF4 are still some of my favourites, because you can run around with a shotgun, getting insta-kills (like a shotgun should anyways) at pretty much any range (which is just silly, but still fun) and then just hop into an MBT or a Heli and have fun with those. EA have somewhat lost focus on what they are good at, which is modern shooters with realistic elements. Heck, they even managed to make Mirrors Edge stupid, and that was already pretty much perfect. Goddamn swooshy line things to show the path and confangled upgrade systems to get basic moves you should just HAVE at the start of the frigging game...
  5. Personally, I'm struggling with the taskbars both top and bottom.
  6. Well, here's the thing right. I was thinking I'd like to get a car like THIS (The raw link is about a mile long FYI) which would be notably faster than my current car, mainly due to the removal of 2 doors, the 7 speed gearbox, and the addition of a turbocharger to the engine. It would have the same power output as my Dad's car, except it'd weigh a few hundred KGs less. Also, given my current one handles like a dream, this one would certainly play nice and be fun to drive fast. Alas, I don't have £20K to spend, and the financing would kill me, even if I had the income to support it. Perhaps a toy for when I'm finished my degree and get a decent job...
  7. It's not the idea behind the car. It's how the Prius is made. Shipping stuff all around the world, and then building it. They could have at least built a factory in Canada, and just shipped materials in from China. Or even build the factory in China and ship materials there. But shipping it around the world 3 damn times is insane.
  8. I would spend 10 minutes berating you about just how WRONG a Prius is on so many levels. But you did a face...
  9. Both wrong I'm afraid. It's Windows 8 using startisback and small taskbar icons.
  10. MSI gaming laptops are pretty darn good. A mate got one after I recommended the specs. Decent performance, great screen and keyboard. Battery isn't fantastic, but it's good enough. Very well built though.
  11. Just make a sort of battlestation style system, with system monitoring and shortcuts. Save me from this (just a small sample of my wallpaper rotation):
  12. Torrent alk the things? But seriously, render host might be best for certain projects that're in the pipeline. Cloud storage is only good if you've got appropriate control over access etc. You could always turn it into a pre boot encrypted VM host...
  13. HI, how are you? Not too bad? Good stuff, good stuff. Yes, I'm still here. No, you don't have to sound so disappointed about it. Anyways.. Me and Alex (that super sexy admin of ours) were talking about beautiful video games that are also great to play. My owning a good number of them, but not playing them yet, is an entirely different topic of conversation. We decided that "hey, we should share this list. Might be useful for some people expanding their Steam library, or just looking for something new to play." So here's a random list of games me and/or Alex have played (many of you have probably played them as well). A story about my uncle (awesome game but short) Assassin's Creed / 2 / Brotherhood Bioshock Bioshock Infinite Crysis Deus Ex Human Revolution Dishonored Far Cry Firewatch (Although it's quite short for the price) GRIP (my personal favourite racer at the moment) Half Life Limbo Metro 2033 Mirror's Edge Portal Portal Stories: Mel: (This one's a mod) Saints Row Skyrim Sleeping Dogs Thief Witcher 3DMark is a really nice game too, you hit run and eventually it'll give you some numbers that apparently have to do with your system performance or something... Thoughts? Suggestions? Gentle criticisms that won't make us cry? Additions to the list that you feel are drop-dead gorgeous games which also play really well? Let us know. All right, time for me to crawl back into that twilight zone I'm so good at lurking in. ~Falk
  14. Literally screamed "DEAR GOD WHY?!?!" then got on with my life. I eventually aim for something like this, so I can then get the Rainmeter going...