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  1. How'd you know... Nah just kidding, false. The person below thinks my name is amazing
  2. I wasn't there when you left but I am sure happy you are here! The person below me is an EXPERIENCED skyblock player.
  3. Thanks for this guide Halo! I will be using this later so I can also play.
  4. Can't wait to check this out!
  5. Would Pixelmon be a possibility? If I remember correctly it doesn't run well with other mods and is pretty intensive but it may be possible? I didn't really look into this but I know there is a Yu-Gi-Oh mod for 1.7.10 so that may be possible? These are the only mods I know off the top of my head. xP
  6. Always gotta love original minigame ideas! Don't see it very often anymore :/ I think adding a few more game modes would be great for the server. If it was advertised a bit more I think lots more people would come because everyone is so awesome on here. Everyone always talks when they are on and are always willing to help out. Those qualities in players make others want to stay, that is why I stayed when I found this place a little over a month ago. Once again I can't wait for the future!
  7. Super siked for this coming update! I love the idea of a modded mc server and I will definitely check it out. Although the CU un-modded server will still be the home of most of my game play. Ever since I joined I have been wondering why such a wonderfully made server doesn't have more players, but I still enjoyed CU anyways because when people did come on they were someone to talk to. Maybe a pixelmon mod pack? That may be too intensive though. Those new games on the CU server seem very cool, I have not heard of much and I have been playing minigames for a long time now. Can't wait to try it out! ~Meta