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  1. DontBeSoHotty

    Ban Appeal

    Come on 1 more chance
  2. DontBeSoHotty

    Ban Appeal

    It can work like that put me on strike 1
  3. But alright I understand and Bye. Before I go happy birthday earlier Halo.
  4. Well over this september I am going to be 14, and I am over the age that ‘Discord’ Term Of Age my parents allowed me to have Discord for a reason. So to all staff members think I am not old enought well I am 13 again, I have been reapeated over & over again. Why would I lie about my age. Well 1 reason that I would not tell my age is for a reason that I dont know or dont feel like to say it publicly. Thank You.
  5. DontBeSoHotty


    I am sorry what I have done in the last few days while I was at the ‘Chiotic United’ Discord server. As halo’s birthday is comming up I want him to tell him happy birthday and no longer break rules. Thank you