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  1. We have best staff community. ❤️ them all ❤️

  2. Jãÿdëñ

    Introducing: Woof Bites™ Dog Food!

    I would of brought it to eat D:
  3. Easter is on the first of April because it’s a ♥♥♥♥ing joke.. 1f634.png1f610.png
    I’ll happily sleep most of tomorrow. 1f44c_1f3fb.png

  4. Holy ♥♥♥♥ing shit?!

    1. haloman30
    2. Jãÿdëñ


      Don't know. I'm pretty bored lately.

  5. Life is a mystery waiting to be solved.

    1. haloman30


      And CU is the solution.



    2. esponshadow1


      i entirely agree with this concept

  6. Jãÿdëñ

    Discord Rule Changes

    I agree and oh my Halo: That is, don't go into overly graphic detail on your sexual encounters or how you went totally numb after beating your d*** so damn hard 30 to 45 minutes ago. That killed me lmao
  7. Jãÿdëñ


    Well, There were too many with your name: Here is my Steam account:
  8. Jãÿdëñ


    I don't have any of those games but i will add you because why not.
  9. Jãÿdëñ

    Online Gameing

    The is no e in Gaming.
  10. Jãÿdëñ

    Garry's Mod

    Never played Garry's mod. Is it worth getting??
  11. Jãÿdëñ


    Here is mine:
  12. Jãÿdëñ

    Steam Summer Sale

    Summer sales make everyone say ♥♥♥♥ yeah!
  13. Jãÿdëñ

    Bruhh... Who has GTA5 for PC?

    I don't have it but i want to get it on Steam in the future.
  14. I set it to 6GB not 7.
  15. I have 8 GB ram should I have 4 GB used??
  16. I put 7 GB memory as that is the highest it allowed me to. Also downloading now. Will test it when it's done
  17. Guessing I will need to make an account??
  18. Jãÿdëñ

    Brink of Chaos Launched!

    Going to check it out.
  19. Jãÿdëñ

    Brink of Chaos Mod List

    Holy crap, That is a lot. xD
  20. Jãÿdëñ

    WoT or AW??

    Hello, Would anyone happen to play World of Tanks or Armored Warfare?? World of Tanks: Armored Warfare:
  21. Jãÿdëñ

    Who here loves halo?

    I love Halo and Aly equally.
  22. Jãÿdëñ

    Future Gamemodes/Servers

    Anyone else play World of Tanks?? Or is it just me?