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  1. 6 minutes ago, haloman30 said:

    You've had numerous incidents on our Discord server, and we've heard this same tale before. I'm sorry to say that this appeal will be getting a rejection for today, and I doubt many others will have any qualms about that verdict. Time and time again, you've blasted out our eardrums, played music, and generally gotten on people's nerves. People got tired of it and so action was taken. 😕


    You are more than free to continue playing on our MC servers providing you follow the rules, and you're welcome to continue interacting with the community here via the forums.


    Your best bet is to give it a while when it comes to appealing from Discord. Utilize our other services in the meantime if you like. Also please, use the provided format for creating an appeal the next time. Despite Jayden's statement of "Don't make another appeal", I am entirely open and aware that, given time, people can grow out of their ways. There was a time where both I and Alycat were banned and had no place within Chaotic United, and we eventually became the ones to run the show.


    Other staff are free to comment if they desire, but regardless of what they say the verdict is going to be a rejection, for now. Give it time. As I said before, it's not the end of the world. You still have access to the rest of CU's services - MC, forums, and so on and you're welcome to play and use them as you wish.

    The statement of not making an appeal is for the current time being. But further on down the track sure.

  2. There was a reply on your last appeal type post. And it was clearly stated that you won't be accepted back into the Discord until you are of age that the terms have. It was also stated that if we knowingly have someone young in the server the server can be deleted by Discord themselves. I will repost the reply.

    --- AwakenedRage Posted January 2

    HI Hoty,



    Unfortunately, a couple weeks ago you circumvented our ban measures on our Discord when I explicitly told you to work out the ban appeal with me one on one or with Halo. But the main problem that we found out was your age, you lied to multiple staff members about your age and with your current age you are not even supposed to have a Discord account.  Additionally, since we last spoke, Discord;s twitter came out with a statement saying that servers that are knowingly to have underage members using Discord will have their server and account deleted by Discord.  


    It is with this information that I must deny your ban appeal. I would suggest appealing your ban when you turn 13, since an ample amount of time would have passed and you would be old enough to have a Discord account. But please remember next time to use the ban appeal form. 


    Sorry,, but I hope you have a happy new years,


    Please do not create another appeal.