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  1. If that's what MC is coming to. I want no part of it. I'd get banned for speaking normally. Especially if swearing becomes a bannable offense. I already hardly play MC but if that change comes out. Especially with how it currently is. I won't be opening the game again, I guess time will tell. The feature could be great and it could provide something that can make people feel more safe on the game but as a lot of people who have reviewed that planned change have said. It could be abused by people that may just not like someone.
  2. Dispensors do no damage to mobs in the creative world. We tried to use arrows inside of dispensors and it did nothing. They bounced off. We also tried with lava and fire infront of the dispensor. Still nothing.
  3. ___Jayden

    This is it...

    I wish you the best of luck with everything! - Jay
  4. The statement of not making an appeal is for the current time being. But further on down the track sure.
  5. There was a reply on your last appeal type post. And it was clearly stated that you won't be accepted back into the Discord until you are of age that the terms have. It was also stated that if we knowingly have someone young in the server the server can be deleted by Discord themselves. I will repost the reply. --- AwakenedRage Posted January 2 HI Hoty, Unfortunately, a couple weeks ago you circumvented our ban measures on our Discord when I explicitly told you to work out the ban appeal with me one on one or with Halo. But the main problem that we found out was your age, you lied to multiple staff members about your age and with your current age you are not even supposed to have a Discord account. Additionally, since we last spoke, Discord;s twitter came out with a statement saying that servers that are knowingly to have underage members using Discord will have their server and account deleted by Discord. It is with this information that I must deny your ban appeal. I would suggest appealing your ban when you turn 13, since an ample amount of time would have passed and you would be old enough to have a Discord account. But please remember next time to use the ban appeal form. Sorry,, but I hope you have a happy new years, --- Please do not create another appeal.
  6. Welcome back SeaKnight! We are happy to have you back.
  7. The fact he made a whole new forum instead of scrolling down or asking in the last one -,-
  8. Easter is on the first of April because it’s a ♥♥♥♥ing joke.. 1f634.png1f610.png
    I’ll happily sleep most of tomorrow. 1f44c_1f3fb.png

  9. Holy ♥♥♥♥ing shit?!

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      Don't know. I'm pretty bored lately.

  10. Life is a mystery waiting to be solved.

    1. haloman30


      And CU is the solution.



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      i entirely agree with this concept