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  1. Bring back an old old school factions server
  2. Major side note: Why would you buy my old server hurricane craft?
  3. I am not suggesting dropping or forgetting about minecraft, but for example.. when you go to what is the first impression you get? Minecraft. Click on forums, minecraft. I'm not saying put less effort into minecraft instead put more effort into versatility.
  4. Sup Bitches, I know you all remember me and still don't wanna give me OP, whatever. I have a suggestion take it or leave it, but I see a lot of potential in chaotic united not as a server but as a community. The main reason its doing completely garbage is because you're holding onto minecraft. Minecraft it self is dead, so any community related to it will also be dead. Now I am not saying get rid of minecraft because halo has an awkward fetish with blocks but maybe instead turn this into a gaming community. You have everything you need to set your self up for success, but you fail at using it. IPB is a powerful system, and it looks like you guys got it all down pact, except no one wants a whole forums based off minecraft. The old chaotic united was obliviously popping because minecraft was popping, what they did was take what was popular, offer a platform for people to connect on, and add a little twist of customization to keep it going. Example: World of Warcraft Indeed it was a very popular game around 2012 or whatever, so what did the owner decide to do, create a platform for players to interact, then invested in a private custom server to keep those players attracted. Example 2: Runescape It was very popular around the same time, and once again create a platform base for players to interact and socialize, trade ect for the game, invest in a private server to keep the player base connected and involved. Then minecraft you already know how that went. Those games obviously died out but by that time killerteddy knew that and was already planning on switching the game plan. Unfortunately the trail of stupidity caught up to him and he lost everything he had setup in place to keep the dream going. If you guys instead turned this into a hub focused on gaming as a whole, then the players will flow in from those games and hopefully feed off into other games as well. WoW players would hop on MC for a bit, MC players would hop on runescape for a bit so on and so forth, because all those platforms were offered within the same community, friends can go play mc together, then to collect money in runescape or whatever you do in runescape I never played it really. I think in order to achieve this a clean start, or a re make and re open is in order to clear out all the old and re brand and re image chaotic united for what it originally was, a gaming community because that's what everyone misses, the community aspect. Times have changed and chaotic needs the same.
  5. most of the top ranked servers are based off the same idea, whether its pvp, skyblock, mini games, ect.
  6. stick too one game mode. focus on getting people interested in it. u guys have too much shit on your server right now.