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Everything posted by soggy

  1. soggy

    The Below Game

    yes very The person below me hates blizz
  2. Blizz trust me it's ergonomically a nice meme
  3. soggy

    The Below Game

    false idc halo The person below me does not like soggy bread sticks as much as I do
  4. espon is a cool dude :^)
  5. Imagine driving this beauty downtown ?
  6. if you hit wind with a crowbar and then kill yourself he gets an erection
  7. soggy

    Crates in shop?

    How can I open these? I've seen them on other servers but I'm not sure how you open them on CU, is it a donating thing?
  8. soggy

    Ctrl-V Game
  9. blizz isn't actually a ball
  10. soggy

    Roast Wind

    Hey everyone time to roast WindWhistle if you can make wind feel sad then you win I guess
  11. wind is liar build dirt houses
  12. Maybe just have a modded survival game mode if possible?
  13. emoticons cause im hip with the kids wind said i needed to make 50 forum posts so here is me hi my name is soggy you can call me faggot or jew, everybody does uh I play games and Games4Life is my god im pretty edgy i dont leave my house here's why wind sucks Iguess he called me a nager thats it 46 forum posts to go I guess
  14. not sure about specs but here's a photo aint she a beaut
  15. send noods


    if you catch my drift

    im talking about noodle