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  1. yes yes I did it

    1. ___Jayden


      Did what soggy tits?

    2. haloman30


      what did you do my son

  2. No matter what you’ve got to keep the big boy mods like project E, AE, decocraft, and mekanism (basically the ones that everyone always use). Although the stargate mod is cool they sometimes don’t work properly when players aren’t in the destination chunk and are pretty much impossible to make; I suggest we do away with that one. What we need are these freaking bangers man: Traincraft, Atum 2, Packing Tape, Waystones, and Catwalks 4 (Malisis Switches would be interesting too).
  3. Ok ok you got a 1-10 scale of difficulty on these bad boy maps right? They're usually a 7 or an 8. On a scale of joystick user-good player, halo can't stop playing pacman
  4. soggy maps = nutty maps amirite ladies and gents
  5. sounds like we should get spleef soggy maps best maps
  6. Dude that is god damn nutty Edit: y'all better use my got damn spleef maps
  7. if you want a a timer maybe 5 minutes but I enjoy the idea of a restricted "/item", allow the use of spawning things like bricks, wood, building materials, etc.. (nothing sellable), and remove /gmc for donators who aren't at the tippy top
  8. halo lied to me, I change my vote from #1 to "too short" cause 15 seconds is far too short bud
  9. never mind then, it looks a little tiny by the way the photo is taken
  10. Looks like a great arena map, a wee bit to small for SG though. We could use this for arena and make a bigger one based off of it for SG.
  11. Make a statue in honor of my greatness also make it big and swooshy with nice stone and sign ok thank
  12. fix the server ahlo
  13. I agree, I try to be active on the server but my point is more about new players not having anything to do. Yes if no one is on then new players will just leave, but people who aren't new also don't have much of an incentive to play; more things to do on the server would make people want to play regardless of if they're new or not. Some of these ideas are already in motion and just need some time, but the future of the Chaotic United Minecraft server depends on having those new players staying, which depends on more things to do.