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  1. ahhh, well i see. got a little understanding now. well good thing you came to pick up the pieces again then. and hope the donations are going great and such now. i'm invested in this site xD have like 85 dollars donated in my time spent here haha. but yeah. i'll check out nuclear district and i'll see you around
  2. Well nice to meet you new owner ;p think Teddy gave the ownership to someone great. and i still see some old faces here also like Kendev and atomicblast. see you around on MC and discord yeah . oh and i remember the old web developers like "Nzxt" and "spencer" not sure if they're here but ehh, always great to see new faces also
  3. Nore sure if you're still here Kendev. But i remember you from 2011 :) frem teddy was the owner and when you were a normal "helper" ingame, then you became an moderator..then a web developet.. and now you're a veteran. nice to see :D 

    1. Kendev


      ♥♥♥♥ me man, haha here's my reply, half a year later, first log in since probably 2 years. ;)

  4. What is your Minecraft Username? NickAndDimesWhat can you do to help our community? become one of the biggest sellers in game and one of the friendliest helpers on this website ;p How did you find out about Chaotic United? I was a player in this communityfor a long time agoWere you a member of the old Chaotic United from 2010-2013?: Yes, my user in that time was NickAndDimes. i used to be an "helper" on the normal server and on this website (those who accepted the registrations back in time and put players from "guest" to "members" ingame) Is the previous owner "Teddykillerz" and the Web developer "Terrorz" still her or are they long gone now? ^^