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  1. meh, this topic is just for pcs
  2. Bobbie_

    The Below Game

    Nope. The person below me is alycat.
  3. Blizz you still up for it?
  4. Asus ROG GL552VX I find this to be quite suitable for my price range. MSI GL62 6QC Bit cheaper but seems decent. Lenovo IdeaPad Y700-17 I really dig this one but it's quite expensive here. (A few hundred dollars more than the US market I suppose) Lenovo I700-15ISK Seems good but idk if I should add a bit more cash than my range to buy this one. I have been trying to look for the Razer Blade in this country but I can't seem to find it in any store. Might have to dig deeper by going to the stores and hopefully I find it.
  5. I will be going to college and there will be frequent traveling during my holidays so that's why I will be needing a laptop. I wish I could build a pc but with this price range. Anyways I will check it out I feel like alienwares are quite over priced compared to other laptops. My friends tell me that Acer laptops aren't that durable. Not sure but I will check this one. These laptops seem sweet. I was thinking to go for the Y series in the start but there are just too many options so maybe I could find anything better of the same price or a bit lower price so I could buy the required accessories.
  6. I'm looking forward to buy a new laptop good enough for gaming. Any suggestions for a really good laptop according to you all? Post it here and I will have a look at them. I will post a few suggestions of my own so you guys can help me select anyone from them (if there is any good one). My price range isn't much, just USD1000-1200. Tell me if I should increase it if required.
  7. Bobbie_


    I think I remember you
  8. For those who vote for me, I will choose one of you at random and the winner gets a US $10 steam gift card from me. Offer valid only if I win.
  9. Anyone got it on ps3? Add me AgentKiller97
  10. Which console? Count me in.