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  1. Nutella

    It's Nutella :)

    Yeah it's been like 5 years lol so quite some time. Honestly I'll take any traffic I can haha the hardest part is always starting because you need players to get players.
  2. Nutella

    It's Nutella :)

    Hey guys - It has been a very very very long time since I've been here. If you remember me back from the days with Killerteddy, I was the main developer for Chaotic United's Runescape Private Server for quite some time. I was also manager of the minecraft server for a tiny bit, and an active player in general. Some of you probably fell for my warp traps and various redstone contraptions designed to kill unsuspecting visitors. I never ran my own show and I always got tons of compliments on how nice of an owner I was. Well, I am running my own show this time, it's an oldschool runescape private server that I've been working on for quite a while now. I know this probably kind of comes off as just an advertisement, but I did spend years here on the community and hope to see some familar faces back from the chaotic united rsps days. I now go by the name of Mr Krabs rather than nutella. Here is a little gallery to peak your interest: Thanks everyone and I hope to see you in-game