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    aelf ☽ reacted to NotNotWindwhistle in Windwhistle's Ban Appeal   
    Server: All of them
    Username: Arlem or Windwhistle. You can also call me daddy.
    Banned By: Probably alycat
    Reason: >->
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    aelf ☽ reacted to haloman30 in The Acquisition of   
    Hey everyone.
    We have a fairly large announcement to make!
    Since September 2014, we have had our eyes on a prize. We have been after this particular thing since day one.
    And today, it is finally ours.
    We officially own At the moment, the website domain redirects to, points to our MC server, and points to our TeamSpeak (yes, we still have a TeamSpeak).
    For those of you who are new aboard the CU train, let me explain the significance of this domain name. The old CU ran on this domain from 2011 to 2013, and it was used by HurricaneCraft in 2014. Since the old CU shut down, the domain was in the hands of either Killerteddy, the former owner of CU, or perhaps one of its higher admins such as Spencer. We really never found out. But a few months ago, the domain changed hands. It was in the hands of a domain reseller called New Ventures Services. We had a run-in with them in the past as they had the domain for a good while until a couple years later when the domain went from them onto many other domain resellers and eventually expired. By that point, I was able to reacquire it.
    The beloved was a different story. Unlike, it had a long history of having massive amounts of traffic for years. TidalWaveGaming did not get anywhere near as big and thus is why it was dropped - as nobody was going to pay $1300 dollars for a domain with next to no traffic. had tons of traffic and due to the domain's shaky status of going in and out of availability, we jumped on the opportunity and obtained the domain.
    For the foreseeable future, we will continue to have our site on as we have spent the past three years building the new CU on this new domain. We may migrate everything back to .com, or we may not. At this point we have not decided what exactly to do with it - although we have a couple ideas. Overall, we don't want to throw the domain to the side and leave it as a redirect forever, but we also don't want to do that to which has housed CU since the revival started. What we end up doing is yet to be seen, but for right now, we did it.
    This is truly a milestone in CU history - one of the biggest ones we could hope to achieve. Moving forward, there is now no other milestone next besides growing the community - and that is what we plan to do.
    We have a lot of plans behind the scenes for a relaunch of CU as we stated before. And now, with this domain, that relaunch is going to be more epic than ever.
    The Chaotic United Team
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    aelf ☽ reacted to esponshadow1 in My island   
    Took a screenshot of Evie's island (which I'm a part of) in this shaders pack, but it doesn't really show much of the island. I'll wait until I get home so I can basically take screenshots of the whole thing, but here's part of it.