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  1. aelf ☽

    The Below Game

    True the person below me is surprised this game is still going
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  3. hehehe hmm i think i do remember you ! welcome back <3
  4. aelf ☽

    hehe hellooo

    yeah thats understandable, i was so confused i was like do they not want me to be staff :c
  5. aelf ☽

    Old CU

    haha, me skeletonglove and 66boik99 were like a lil trio on it, i actually completely forgot about it until i was looking through the screenshots, it literally completely left my head, i was like tha ♥♥♥♥ what is this server i dont remember this ahah :3 so what was it? like did it have anything to do with CU?
  6. aelf ☽

    hehe hellooo

    oh i seeee wow okay, thats peculiar
  7. aelf ☽

    Old CU there you go guys, all 290 (there was 292 but i lost two when they were uploading and idk which it was) screenshots from 2012-2013 Chaotic United and Hurricane Craft.. im still actually a bit confused by what Hurricane Craft was, like was it still part of CU? idk but anyways there they are.. enjoy!! c:
  8. aelf ☽

    hehe hellooo

    bonjour my petite croissants, I was just wondering, is there no more applying for staff? Ive been thinking about re applying for staff (maybe, maybe not) but it seems I can't start a topic in the staff applications.. if there's a reason behind this that's cool but ya I was just wondering because I would love to be a member of CU's staff team again... haha and I see my old account posted here around this time last year, it seems I made a comeback then aswell ahh I promise not to disappear for ages again without reason, I seem to have made a habit of that.. but no more !! Anyways, that's all for now, but I will be posting my old screenshots from when I first joined the server, so keep an eye out for them !! Thanks much luv <3
  9. aelf ☽

    Old CU

    haha so much nostalgia!! i have quite a few screenshots from like 2012 or 2013 which i will upload, but it will take me a while to get them up
  10. i cant really remember their name, something to do with mining fish. but you wouldnt have met them, he said hed only ever spoken to 1 other person on the server and they werent staff
  11. yeah i know, sorry, different timezones, i was also unaware the server reopened about a week ago. sorry, i was just worried cus the guy i spoke to said no staff are ever on, but then again, he was new and i cant assume things when ive only spoken to one person. anyway i hope to see u both ingame soon
  12. hey yalll, i just logged onto the server after a long time of not being online ( and i realise that i am being hypocritical here ), and there is this one dude online. i get chatting to him and he tells me how dead this server is and how no one is ever online, which was really sad to hear. i told him how lively it used to be and how much of a lovely server it is (he was new), but he just couldnt believe it, and so he left. whats going on guys?? why is no one ever online, not even staff?? i am on the server currently, and some of my friends will be logging on soon. i am going to try and be as active as i can on the server and the site from now on, and i hope that people will see others on the server and join too. lets not let the server die again!! ok rant over, but seriously, please come on the server!! from ya old pal, EvieRobin <3