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  1. Server: MC Username: turb0charge Banned By: not banned, got griefer label by halo Reason: I griefed a farm Appeal: I greiefed a farm that I found when i first joined the server. In my defense, I assumed greifing was allowed because I assumed the server was a faction server hence, greifing was allowed. I realize I was very wrong about that. I can guarantee I will never grief again, as this was my first grief ban in my 5+ years in this community. It was an honest mistake and I apologize completely for what ive done.
  2. it works now but i was confused because it said However as stated before, cracked users are currently able to join our server.
  3. its still currently un-cracked only for me.
  4. If you are looking for a malware scanning program malwarebytes is the best, catches stuff avast missed and protects against newer types of viruses and adware
  5. Benjamin Jay ate a turd and jumped like seabiscuit all his life, despite the development that his turtle contracted HIV during exile. His erect refrigerator took out the huge moist banana from his floor and into various holes of ntx's angina. Snowflakes make nice alternatives appealing to mediocre structures. Suddenly potatoes started raining endlessly across classrooms made much cake succumb with somali(an) pirates which took advantage of exchange rates (ONE WORD DAMNIT) condoms rised in p.s. don't change Somali to Somalian the proper (most common) spelling is Somali