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  1. Everyone who is trying to connect to the server. Open console and type: Connect
  2. AT LAST. I have been waiting since it was announce there was going to be one.
  3. Well I mean if it was a fight to the death (or at least win the battle). And no I am not refering to the movie. Just you guys opinions of who would win.
  4. Tell me who you think would win and why.
  5. Smooth8

    The Below Game

    False, I can be equally active as you. The person below likes to play garry's mod.
  6. Smooth8

    The Below Game

    True, the person below believes that more people should be active in CU Server.
  7. My favorites: Call of Duty: Black ops 3 Far cry 4 Far cry Primal Grand Theft Auto 5 Watchdogs Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Just Cause 3 Garry's Mod
  8. What would happen If forum bot wins? Would someone have to create a account for him and give him the award ,or would we simply give the award to 2nd place?
  9. How about If you just make it get an option. For example, I am a ps4 user ,so if you win and I am the random voter you can give me $50/$60 for ps store, or if someone uses steam you can give him/her $50/$60 for steam.
  10. What about a reward called "Daily Member "(or whatever you want to call it). This reward shall be given to players who spend a lot of time in the server.
  11. Smooth8

    The Below Game

    False, long life Aly The person below is Anglo American (look it up if you don't know what it means)
  12. Smooth8

    The Below Game

    True, the person below hates spicy foods.
  13. Smooth8

    The Below Game

    True, The person below hates Donald Trump
  14. Smooth8

    The Below Game

    True. The person below saw Star Wars The Force Awakens.
  15. Smooth8


    I got a simple question for you today.
  16. Smooth8


    If any of you have a PS4 fell free to add me. Username: Maxpg30000000000 (that is 10 zeros) (Don't judge)
  17. Smooth8


    If any one else has steam and has one of the following games feel free to add me: Garry 's mod, GTA V, Who's Your Daddy, Unturned, and CS GO. My Steam is Smooth8.
  18. Well I am back. Some people may have not known that. I used to play in the Old CU server. Hopefully I will see most of you guys from back then.
  19. You should make one. Make prop hunt, TTT, or prison break.
  20. Smooth8

    Forums Donator Rank

    I was V.I.P ($10) in The last server.