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  1. Dongs. Who is the host of the server? it should have ddos protection. is it home hosted?
  2. Arc


    I'd love that. PM me them
  3. Arc


    My full username was Arc. I was Helper and Mod. I hung out with ntx2 and global19 and a few others including Morkan in the teamspeak. I'll upload the server tonight and post it for everyone to look at it
  4. Arc


    mfw cursing gives you love on forums. I ♥♥♥♥ you EDIT: And sure. I do some extreme work, or well I do extensive, a lot, etc. I do advanced work rather than an average 12 year old with minecraft_server.exe I only work on Ubuntu though so I hope you know how to ubuntu
  5. Arc


    I used to moderate CU and had Owner permissions when I was Helper as I social engineered teddy into opping me in which I used his own account to give me Owner permissions. NTX2 got Admin when he didn't know how to worldedit and I was the guy who helped setup and fix the perms when they updated to 1.8 beta. I got fucked over and he got praised. Yet I did more work and was overall more intelligent than him. In the end he used some bullshit lie to make me look like shit to the community and after teddy banned me for making servers for people he spread rumors about me to everyone on CU. That's possibly how you know me.
  6. Arc


    I was banned from CU during the days of the theme of this for setting up servers for people. I don't remember many things due to short term memory loss. When did we meet? under what usernames? I think I remember you. I also usually do big servers, currently switching from a 64GB RAM server to a 24GB RAM Server because I don't have a reason to have 64GB of ram and pay 160$/mo, so now I pay 80$/mo If I do put up a server for ND with multiple gamemodes I'd do a bungeecoord layout with any type you'd want, and it could be their official servers. It's up to the owners really. they possibly don't want it or need it, etc. But I do love Nostalgia and I remember trying to help ND in the past but remember getting banned on every account/alt I owned by ntx2 because he hates me.
  7. Arc

    Lol My old buycraft my current buycraft; Conner the old moderator who worked for teddy but got kicked out by teddy works for me. Also don't call me a dumbass. My system administrators have done more security for bigger servers in a day than you have in a week. I've paid my builders 160 for a spawn being made and used to pay my staff 60 a month. I do my work for money and I am offering ND my work and hosting for free. I'm 18+, don't think or treat me as if I'm a child.
  8. Arc


    I'm not new. lol. I've lurked this place for a bit. If you don't want to pay for something, then don't. I have been doing server work for years. This is my profession. And you clearly don't get what I do. Be more understanding if you will, instead of bruteforce clawing at me with jealousy. EDIT: Also if you guys were over CU there wouldn't be a nostalgia theme based on CU. Thanks.
  9. Arc


    Once my host gets my box setup I'll have a server for NuclearDistrict put in place. For all of you who know me and CU, I also have CU's 1.7.3 map I can have put up. the one where nihsome (if that's how I remember spelling it)'s mansion, and I believe the towns that were all built. I've also got some of CU's old files including parts of the RuneScape server. I don't know much about RSPS's so I don't know if it's a client or server. or What I have. Most likely the client. Just tell me what you want, or give me the old NuclearDistrict mc server files and I'll have it put up. You can even put the ND mc IP towards the box -- If you know how to srv record to a specific port. I've got a few oldies and goodies from CU. Not all, but some.