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  1.    It's on another thread, you'll find it fast.
  2. I've removed trade_platforms from the server, and am beginning work on more maps. Currently I have a blueprint for one, and I have trade_cliffmountain completed and loaded up.
  3. Cool! Thanks. I just updated the map too - it's currently trade_platforms_R3F1 (refurbished-3, fix-1). I changed the way that the main area works, and made it look much better.
  4. It's sad - I pretty much already threw away Minecraft. I would come, but I'd get stuck in a game I long ago gave up, so I can do other games like TF2 and KSP, and projects like a game I am making called Cubit (a 3d-morph of Tetris).
  5. Just an update, the server is even more active now (average of 2 to 6 people on at any given time of day) and the map is complete. The main area is undergoing some changes, which is to prove that the map, though complete, will still receive updates for the fun of it.
  6. lol i have 668 hrs so it doesn't matter xD
  7. @Kendev , mind putting up a little something regarding the TF2 server I have begun hosting?
  8. I just updated the primary post along with a large amount of things on the server. I know Nuclear District is dying out, but might as well push an effort to keep it going a little longer.
  9. I've set up a TF2 server under my name, but I could hand it to NuclearDistrict. I don't have to pay a cent to run it. Neither do you. Server now has a FastDL, is modded (no need to go get those) and I am now making maps for the mapcycle. SERVER IP IS or - Up and running 24/7, unless under maintenance.
  10. We could make something unique out of this and host individual servers (not necessarily by the admins' demand) of random games, preferably Team Fortress 2 and some of the other games CU used to do before it died.
  11. I have absolutely no way of hosting it myself, so... yeah. LIES I have one of my own right now xD
  12. Like I have mentioned as a reply to the latest announcement, a friend and I have been working on a custom Team Fortress 2 capture the flag map. I have a suggestion that we host one or more TF2 servers, considering that at one time we did have one. I however was not a TF2 player last time CU did. So, any ideas on that thought?
  13. Considering this topic, @Not the Fluffiest and I have been building a custom Team Fortress 2 CTF map for ND. We very well may host it the moment it is done. Message/friend either me or him on steam to learn more about it.
  14. Don't have a ride - I'm seventeen and I don't even have a permit yet. I know.
  15. Laptop? wat? Dude, unless you need the mobility I suggest you forget the laptop and get a tower. They have a much better speed and graphical output. My friend built one for $1k and he says it was WORTH all the money and more. He can play the most computer-speed-devouring games at the highest resolution and it still doesn't drop the fps below 80.
  16. This thread just got out of control
  17. So the new update is out, but the server will be down for some time - I decided to divert some time towards writing a thread about the game. So, anyone got any snapshots of the game (if you play it)? I made a Lenny face - it flies around and shoots lasers from it's eyes And it works perfectly
  18. Thanks for taking the time to do this @Kendev - Many people were indeed wondering about the status, including myself, and this is helpful.
  19. ob103ninja

    TF2 idea

    We're almost done with the map. Not quite, but almost. It will be a Capture-the-flag map, and you will enjoy it.
  20. I feel as if that TV is getting ready to fall off
  21. There is none - It's simply a physics simulator. Of course it's only in the early development stages.