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  2. Blizz

    This is it...

    Many of you may agree with me that my demotion was long overdue. It has been over 2 years since I haven been steadily active. I've been meaning to make a post like this for a while and my demotion finally brought me to make it. I've been thinking about resigning since last summer, but I could never find it in me to do it. Ever since I first joined the original CU it was always my dream to become someone within CU and I was determined to join the staff team to help the community. I had a rough start. I had gotten helper twice and demoted twice. Then came ND and thats where my interest for Minecraft as a whole started to die. I was very active in the begining of ND but that slowly stopped. I didn't want to lose interest so I came back. This was around the time the new CU and ND were merging. I thought hey maybe this new CU will take off let check it out. And thats really where everything started. I met Halo and Aly. I remember halo bringing me through and showing me all of the old spawns and the old CU worlds. That gave me motiviation to play MC again. Then I went without a laptop for quite some time. When I finally got a pc Halo was looking for help with the creative spawn. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to make myself know to CU. From there it was like I was on Discord with Halo and Wolf every day for about a year straight. We had so many ups and downs. I went from Builder, to Helper, to Game Moderator, to Moderator, back to Helper, then to Manager, and I'd like to stop here. The first day I had gotten manager was the best day of my life. It had felt like dream come true. I felt like I was a someone. Then I got demoted 10 minutes later. After everything settled I was Manager, and it stayed that way until not to long ago. By the time all the drama had settled I had already started my 2 years of inactivity. I've come to a realization that I never needed the manager rank to be a someone in the community. And I came to that realization not to long after I first went inactive. As of now CU and Minecraft as a whole are things of my past now. I have outgrown my interest in both. Right now I'm working my hardest to make myself a better person. I'm finally getting my life back together. As of now I have no intentions to become active again nor do I have intentions of going for staff again... ever... I had my fun here and I'd like to leave it at that. You guys gave me some of the most memorable times of my life. This community has been there multiple times for me when no one else was. For a while this community was an escape from a shit reality known as my life. This is it... Goodbye CU </3
  3. Blizz


    Lmao "The Den"
  4. I like my colors like I like my colors. Colorful
  5. Blizz

    The Below Game

    True.... That is when I am on discord The person below thinks halo is a sexy god
  6. That’s it, I’m done. Fuck this. It’s devolved into a mass of retarded copy pastes. The quality of status updates has been declining for a while, but this is the last straw. That’s it. I’m done. I’m uninstalling the internet, chopping off my dick and moving to fucking Antarctica, at least the bacteria there will be fucking smarter discourse.

  7. Blizz

    The Below Game

    True The person below is