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  1. After I tried a few different ways to have your sheep stay I brought it to the attention of the staff. Unfortunely, this is a known issue by both the staff and Mojang that has yet to be fixed. It's caused by an error in chunk loading which is why every time you leave the mobs disappear. I did some research and this issue has been happening for a while with no way of fixing it. I can try to look into other methods to get the mobs to stay and hopefully we can get this resolved. I can keep returning your sheep to you for now while I work on finding a solution.
  2. Personally, I think if we want to do this and do it right, we should make a standalone server. It gives it that completely different feel that an intergrated server really won't. With the intergrated server, you're just right next door to 1.10, but with a separate server, you're in a completely different place altogether. It really gives it that nostalgic feel and we wouldn't have to spend time working on a classic version that is as close as we can get it to a beta feel.
  3. I don't understand what's with the PvP hate. Factions and other PvP game modes are great.
  4. If you have decent cooling, meaning your CPU doesn't get too hot at 2.6GHz, then that CPU will automatically turbo boost to 3.6GHz when it gets close to 2.6GHz. There's really no need to overclock honestly.
  5. Why not? Factions was pretty popular on old CU before it closed and early. It's honestly a really fun game mode that can sustain itself after it gets started.
  6. You don't have to be sorry, you didn't know. And staff are on every day. May I ask who you spoke to?
  7. The main reason for the lack of users as of lately is due to the fact that we just reopened about a week ago. We are still working on the server and working on getting more people online. In time, we will have the player base we once did. The reason you're not seeing anyone on right now is due to the time of day. Most all the staff and users have school/work around this time of the day and aren't on. It's usually about 4PM EST that people start getting on the server. We do have a discord that is very active at all hours of the day. We really do appreciate the concern and also appreciate you coming back to us and bringing more people to us. Together, we can hopefully make Chaotic United what it once was.
  8. I'm taking to poll to find out what you, the people of CU, want in terms of gamemodes for our Minecraft server. This poll is important as it will help us determine which gamemode we should add next so please take it seriously.
  9. We have now launched McMMO in factions! Type /mcmmo help to view all McMMO commands. We are just starting with it, so if there are any bugs or things you would like to report please contact 16dbaxter or Cars, Alex. Now head on out to factions!