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  1. Check it out. Wait for it. About 13 seconds into the video, they fire up this machine gun.
  2. Here you go. Two videos. Both are slightly disturbing. You will not see any blood and guts, so not super bad. First one is the most wanted woman in Oklahoma was finally caught a few days ago. Yes, she is dead. She had been on a crime spree and was literally shooting a the police. The video stops a couple of times so you can see she has a gun in her and and is shooting at the police. Check it out. Next up is this GEM from Arizona. Multiple angles from both cop cars. Dude just stole a gun from Walmart I believe and was on a crime spree. Somehow, this dude survived. The footage is freaking GOLD. Give it a look. Again, may be disturbing to some.
  3. It is amazing some folks even make it to their 18th birthday being this retarded.
  4. Hope it is working.....took me a while to find this again.
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