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  1. How is the forum bot beating us, it has nothing to offer other than a welcome. While some of us other candidates are putting money towards the title. THE LOGIC IS FLAWED.
  2. alycat

    MS Paint Battles

    currently at school, wait till I get home, most of my stuff I do is made from paint.
  3. alycat

    The Below Game

    False the person below likes the hungergames.
  4. alycat

    MS Paint Battles

    I am a master with paint >:) hehehehe.
  5. Well no the just means that no one really won, that a bot beat everyone.
  6. Only one lucky winner would recieve a computer from me. Probably a prize for getting something right on one of my youtube videos. Thad be in the future.
  7. May be possible in the future when I get more moeny.
  8. Actually the 12 month readem code will cost me 80, but the price isnt mattering right away.
  9. How bout this if yiu vote for me I will give out a xbox live readem code to a random voter, it will be a 12 month long readem code. If I win.
  10. alycat

    The Below Game

    False, love me some cream of wheat and girts mmm with lots of sugar. The person belows favorite color is blue.
  11. K lemme get home to fix it.
  12. I have a account, havent used it since 2012.
  13. I am guessing you have steam.. ugh why does everyone want me to get steam?
  14. alycat

    The Below Game

    false sorta I am like everyone else when comes to nasty stuff like poo and boogers, but I can handle myself. The person below watched starwars 7.
  15. If I win, I will buy who ever voted for me last minecraft if you dont have premium, err donate 10 dollars to you. Maybe something else. "If I win"
  16. The election will end on the 27th of February giving everyone a month. HAVE AT IT PEOPLES LET THE REAL ELECTION BEGIN!!!!!!
  17. alycat

    The Below Game

    true, everyday actually and the server, and yeah go ahead and add a 18+ thing. The person below has a girlfriend.
  18. Go ahead and start it, when do you suggest we close it?
  19. alycat

    The Below Game

    True the person below has had -snip-. Be honest