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  1. If halos a god then THAT MAKES ME A GODESS?!?
  2. However that could change, I say go ahead and abide, once again. There are options we can go by. Halo I'll call yah today.
  3. Ayy thats a really great idea I'll definitely consider it.
  4. Very well said. Halo I will be calling you after school. good news. old news and bad news xD. BUT GOOD news is great.
  5. Sometimes when I smell the inside of my sheath to my sword; I think of you.

  6. Haha that's awesome alright catch you around.
  7. You will have to ask haloman30. Probably worth a private message.
  8. I agree with this comment \|/ 

  9. alycat

    The Below Game

    YOU LIES TO ME!!! TRUE, THe person below hasn't seen the facebook movie, who the hell created Facebook fucking Isenberg twins fucking Facebook have you seen this man.
  10. alycat

    The Below Game

    True, the person below is online he he try dodging that one.
  11. Once again *weeps quietly*. We will deeply miss Nuclear District. Viva la Chaotic United!
  12. It's good to be home.

    1. haloman30


      How do you 'home'

    2. alycat



      Chaotic United

  13. I am very sad to see it go. But I can say this will give us the opertunity to be a whole again! Wooh GO Chaotic United!
  14. alycat

    The Below Game

    True the person below is sad to see Nucleardistrict go.
  15. alycat

    The Below Game

    False I dont know shit other than the usa, and europe and the contrys lol. The person below is mad about trump and hilary. Why those 2 whyyy!!
  16. alycat

    The Below Game

    True, the person below is Blizz :3
  17. alycat

    The Below Game

    Seeeee let's not get into that lol .. ima go with I plead the 5th. *sneaks out at night after curfew to get internet only to get caught by police.* false The person below has a YouTube channel.