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  1. Yep. Once Im settled in Colorodo in the next few days, Ill work on some stuff too. Hype !!!! hype !!! hype!!! Also nice builds whistle.
  2. alycat

    The Below Game

    Mmmmmmmmm soooo weeet lol jk the person below is excited for the new adventure and plans we have for Chaotic United
  3. Accepted. Next time please be more respectful, and dont try to go against a owner. Welcome back to Chaotic United. Btw, I'm not a total asshole.
  4. Don't expect anything from me

    Expect everything

  5. The votes seem to be in favor of using the old one.
  6. You already know my thoughts. #oldaccount #ChaoticUnited I vote for old CU twitter.
  7. I'm going to leave you banned for a week, however you can join discord on were most of our members tend to chill. I would un-ban you today but that would be letting you off way too easy. Do you understand why you were banned in the first place? If so reply with all the reasons. In 1 week, despite other staff judgments who think you should be banned longer, you can hop back on the server.
  8. alycat

    The Below Game

    Ohohohoooo yes. You don't even know but I am more than experienced when it comes to skyblock. Skyblock is life mannn. True the person below IS SUPER HAPPY we got the .com
  9. alycat

    The Below Game

    Well true. The person below IS HAPPY Im back.
  10. To add on to what haloman30 said as far as the advertiser rank system being reamped. It will provide a way for our members to earn the ranks without having to get them through donating which is a win win senerio if you ask me becaus we grow bigger, you guys gain more perms with a cool amazing title to make others jelous with, as we grow it provides more people more opportunity to make more friends as they go. Strap yourself in for the ride because I have you one hell of a show.
  11. I am glad you made yourself at home thats my goal for each and every player that joins; to provide them the experience that drove me and haloman30 here today. I will be brainstorming on more ideas.
  12. Startin to see some traffic comin in sweeeeeet. Drop down your hi in reply to my fly ass response to dis light.

  13. Halo remember this?
  14. Its good to see things in order. Things are slowly going back to normal.

  15. There is one last thing Id like to add. The reason wind wanted me demoted allllll started RIGHT HERE I merly like I said, told him I may have concerns and would discuss it with haloman30, where halo soothed my worries. Instead of being happy he got his way, he pulled out. Later on that month haloman30 messaged him about a re-merge, where wind layed down the terms that he would should I be demoted.
  16. AtomicBeast101, I would appreciate it if you would stop \|/ my replys, in the comment above has nothing but facts.
  17. It all started with a small discussion on a merge with wind frontier, wind wanted to have his own rank same with oshie, so we held a meeting on it where everyone gave their thoughts and this discussion was to kill any concerns so the merge would be successful, I was at work during this whole ordeal and I when I got off read the whole thing and gave my thoughts, with my only concern being what I heard from many of the members and that was the title. This is where I told wind me and halo would talk about my concern but he should have had NOTHING to worry about that halo more than likely would sooth my worry's and he did, but wind decided to back out which was a slap to my face because he said it was because of me and many staff believed him because he raised a uproar and gathered many of our staff and members to his server all because I had a valid concern of the well being of me and halos community. This is where shit really went downhill, another instant where I was at work was when blar was losing his shit. So me and halo held another discussion with him regarding this, the original ideal was that blar was gonna be demoted for the issues he caused but instead got manager. Aalittle later wind messaged halo about another attempt for a merge with the terms of my demotion and I knew halo wanted it because his team was over there. It happened and thus I created a new place called "Chaotic reborn", after me and halo talked and i had to remind of the situation at hand and even pulled out as many screenshots as I could and quotes what ultimately brought me back that time was wind and blars rage quit, I came back but it didn't last but a month before once again halo wanted to merge back with WF because wind was trying to propose a paradise that would save Chaotic United. I gave him a greenlight as I felt it was my fault everyone was mad at me and to show him winds true side but this too blew up in my face. This is where things really went downhill. So I focused on Chaotic reborn and many came over due to the Bs. I'd post screenshots but I'll let halo do it. Or halo can post the discussions below. During this time I agreed to stay on cu with the temp demotion to give wind a shot as my demotion was the only way he would return this is where I was muted, kicked, insulted, mocked, and eventually banned. For what ever reason halo still was under winds influence, so I left all together. I many times talked to halo reminding him the real reason for my demotion and pointed out the direction cu was heading. Wind not only had halo in his grips but Michael as well who is a major contributor to Chaotic United. Eventually everyone forgot the real reason for my demotion and believed winds lies such as "Alycat unfit, immature and a manipulating peice of shit who is not a good friend to halo" where as anyone who looked at the situation and dug deep would find this as a lie. Eventually blar and wind left and joined many times and WF merged and unmerged many times eventually blar getting banned due to a rage quit because I got Michael and Ci to make up where as Ci returned as a manager. Halo talked to Michael because he and I were miserable being enemy's. It just didn't make sense. I pretended not to care because this whole situation was painful. Eventually halo came to realize everything I said was true and CU was doomed if someone didn't do something. He couldn't bring me back at the time because Michael threatened to quit for whatever reason he has against me. Once Michael found out I had personal problems in life (which I have had since before I met halo) he used it as a excuse. Halo eventually came up with the idea to switch me and the team, so the team went to elaztech and I came back. It has nothing to do with the fact I'm unfit, immature, or manipulative, those were all winds fabricated lies in which everyone believed because it was the only word/story they had to believe.
  18. alycat

    The Below Game

    True The person below has friends?
  19. alycat

    The Below Game

    False I spend alot of my days, now days, sleeping and working on the CU mc server. The person below is shocked its got this far on the game #10pages #Newpage
  20. alycat

    The Below Game

    True indeed. the person below finds it funny when Blizz rages.
  21. Wheres the love for alycat?