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  1. kaizercraft, also known as frns, has been merged with U.A.C since the start, However, even though U.A.C merged with C.U, dosent mean kaizercraft is assosiated with C.U, kaizercraft hasnt merged with C.U and probably wont, C.U only need's one minecraft server! Well dont get too down now! kaizercraft is still merged with U.A.C, and all the kaizercraft stuff is on U.A.C, new kaizercraft members and old can still join C.U, your rank however will not be the same as it was on U.A.C you will have to re earn it! All kaizercraft members will start out as a member.
  2. Halo please fix my powers i have no access to admin panel and no staff powers 0.o please administrate meh also IM HAPPY AS FUDGE CAUSE FUDGE IS AWSOME AND TASTY. EXEPT IF ITS BEEN EATEN, ID RATHER NOT BE EATEN.