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  1. 56 people on discord? HALF A HUNDRED? WE ARE ON our way. #progress 

  2. alycat

    Discord Ban Appeal (actually serious)

    P.S you honestly owe haloman30 an apology, considering you shit talked his hard ass work. If you even want to consider returning.
  3. alycat

    Discord Ban Appeal (actually serious)

    Here is my opinion on the ban, I do not honestly care if you return or if you don't get to. You caused a lot of damage and destroyed friendships and even divided the community, we let you back despite the fact I had pretty much permanently banned you, afterwards you attacked halo and made a fool of yourself. If your done being toxic, done causing drama, and done overall being a troll then the team can make a decision to let you back. I do believe in chances. But it's up to the team when you get it considering the severity of the situation.
  4. Back in colorado as of Setember 3rd. Staying this time, oh btw, I got a place now.

  5. alycat

    big boy iq

    I agree.
  6. Going to Colorado was lit, the 9 months was pretty worth it. But, if I had KNOWN what I was going to be getting into, I woulda quickened the process and it would have been a LOT shorter than 9 months. But really, no regrets.

  7. Hard to believe that not too long ago (fuck its been five YEARS) I joined and little did I know the advanture that awaited me. 
    Chaotic United forever.

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  8. alycat

    9/4/17 Update

    +added alycat a while back
  9. Yep. Once Im settled in Colorodo in the next few days, Ill work on some stuff too. Hype !!!! hype !!! hype!!! Also nice builds whistle.
  10. alycat

    The Below Game

    Mmmmmmmmm soooo weeet lol jk the person below is excited for the new adventure and plans we have for Chaotic United
  11. alycat

    Windwhistle's Ban Appeal

    Accepted. Next time please be more respectful, and dont try to go against a owner. Welcome back to Chaotic United. Btw, I'm not a total asshole.
  12. Don't expect anything from me

    Expect everything

  13. alycat

    CU Updates #18 - CU Live, Twitter

    The votes seem to be in favor of using the old one.
  14. alycat

    CU Updates #18 - CU Live, Twitter

    You already know my thoughts. #oldaccount #ChaoticUnited I vote for old CU twitter.
  15. alycat

    UNBAN me pls I will never HACK again!

    I'm going to leave you banned for a week, however you can join discord on were most of our members tend to chill. I would un-ban you today but that would be letting you off way too easy. Do you understand why you were banned in the first place? If so reply with all the reasons. In 1 week, despite other staff judgments who think you should be banned longer, you can hop back on the server.
  16. alycat

    The Below Game

    Ohohohoooo yes. You don't even know but I am more than experienced when it comes to skyblock. Skyblock is life mannn. True the person below IS SUPER HAPPY we got the .com
  17. alycat

    The Below Game

    Well true. The person below IS HAPPY Im back.
  18. alycat

    The Acquisition of

    Now the real fun begins.
  19. alycat

    MC 1.12

  20. To add on to what haloman30 said as far as the advertiser rank system being reamped. It will provide a way for our members to earn the ranks without having to get them through donating which is a win win senerio if you ask me becaus we grow bigger, you guys gain more perms with a cool amazing title to make others jelous with, as we grow it provides more people more opportunity to make more friends as they go. Strap yourself in for the ride because I have you one hell of a show.
  21. I am glad you made yourself at home thats my goal for each and every player that joins; to provide them the experience that drove me and haloman30 here today. I will be brainstorming on more ideas.
  22. Startin to see some traffic comin in sweeeeeet. Drop down your hi in reply to my fly ass response to dis light.

  23. alycat

    CU + ND

    Halo remember this?
  24. Its good to see things in order. Things are slowly going back to normal.

    1. haloman30
    2. alycat


      Ay fuck you too nuke :P hahah