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  1. A good fault to me as well, but I do feel that this will be a new turning point. I have a feeling.
  2. Here's a problem with it, we can't just look for popular games. There has to be a legal way to host and possibly make revenue. Most games have severe restrictions against that, for example: World of Warcraft or RuneScape. Now granted if an opportunity presents itself, I'm not opposed to checking into it. We aren't uneducated when it comes to that fact, I get that there are tons of popular systems and games, the point of this is we want to keep everything as legal as possible. We aren't kids anymore meaning there's real consequences if we don't follow the strict guidelines.
  3. alycat

    The Below Game

    true. I actually do like red bull. used to drink them for work the person below has on shorts
  4. Im always down. I have a laptop now.
  5. april showers brings may flowers

    1. Em_Aru


      or as my ra says "April showers bring may finals" 

  6. Plus if you'll open your links you'll see it says buy, I couldn't have said it better than halo, our stuffs way better than anything most could even ask for, we can only go up from here.
  7. 56 people on discord? HALF A HUNDRED? WE ARE ON our way. #progress 

    1. haloman30


      we've been over 100 total users for a while, thats 56 online. but do keep in mind that all that means is that someone clicked a link to join the server at some point and continues to use discord at all - its not at all an accurate representation of the actual activity of the discord


      i mean discord is still fairly active but its not like it has 56 people talking on it every day, usually its the same handful of people

    2. alycat


      I know, but still.

  8. P.S you honestly owe haloman30 an apology, considering you shit talked his hard ass work. If you even want to consider returning.
  9. Here is my opinion on the ban, I do not honestly care if you return or if you don't get to. You caused a lot of damage and destroyed friendships and even divided the community, we let you back despite the fact I had pretty much permanently banned you, afterwards you attacked halo and made a fool of yourself. If your done being toxic, done causing drama, and done overall being a troll then the team can make a decision to let you back. I do believe in chances. But it's up to the team when you get it considering the severity of the situation.
  10. Back in colorado as of Setember 3rd. Staying this time, oh btw, I got a place now.

  11. Going to Colorado was lit, the 9 months was pretty worth it. But, if I had KNOWN what I was going to be getting into, I woulda quickened the process and it would have been a LOT shorter than 9 months. But really, no regrets.

  12. Hard to believe that not too long ago (fuck its been five YEARS) I joined and little did I know the advanture that awaited me. 
    Chaotic United forever.

    1. haloman30