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  1. Yes, there is a way to transfer it. Me and haloman30 will get back to you.
  2. One often meets their destiny on the road they take to avoid it


  3. It was never truly about having what you want but wanting what you have.

  4. What in the wussy lips

  5. Status update 101


  6. Oh jeez UAC turns 7 tomorrow and I turn 21 in two days.

  7. aND then pay shops would just make it more convenient for the players whove donated
  8. donation isnt given them the blocks but access to the shop itself, would that be illegal?
  9. but also a shop would just be nice, just because, so you coooould set that up for a vip setting only thats what the old skyblock server had
  10. I mean in a sense though, a challenge that would reward a player with the un essential blocks, give them plenty. Since it is a one time thing itll make the amount worthy even, so a trade system could begin out of this. Some players who desire the blocks could trade other players for it who have already completed it or give them things to complete said challenges for said blocks.
  11. It's not for the missing items. It's for the items you can't get otherwise. I don't recall what items specifically. Certain trees, or clay, bricks even, things to make it fun. Sure not everyone cares for the extra, but it doesnt mean they cant just ignore the shop and play the island normally. I know you already agreed to the shop, hopefully it helps clear any misunderstanding.
  12. Yeah I beg to differ. A shop is much needed considering the chest thats spawned dosent properly give you the things you need to have a satisfying island. I wouldn't mind working on this one actually. Considering how much experience I do have in it.