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  1. X6er

    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    chaovtic inted? i pill
  2. X6er

    Halo 5

    Of course you would post this Calo ccccccccccccccccc;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
  3. Alright I need Csgo players to play with me as a team in Competitive Some info about me: My Steam name is X6er I am a Gold Nova 1 My real name is Sean. If you wish to join my team post in this and add me Please use this format: 1. What is your Competitive Rank (Gold Nova Master, Silver Elite. etc)? 2. What is your Steam Name? 3. Do you have a Mic and will you use it for callouts and other stuff? 4. Do you have Curse? If not Will you download it? 5. *OPTIONAL* Do you have a Smurf account (second account)?
  4. X6er

    Grief at /ma leave

    Offender:xXxPLfeederxXx Reason:Griefed the location /ma leave Proof:Login do /ma join coliseum then /ma leave then you will see Action:Please ban him
  5. Happy birthday CU!