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  1. Cabbageguy

    Ban Appeal

    You have had multiple chances to "prove yourself". Every time of which you end up getting banned for doing something wrong. Last time it was excessive spam and ear rape. How were you 12 when you were banned but now your almost 14? Please explain
  2. I do believe that DontBeSoHoty has had problems in the past listening to rules. When in discord voice chat, he always mic spams, hot mics, from what i know ear rape has not been a big problem with hoty in voice. Its just hoty doesn't know how to follow rules. It does make sense to me that advertising is a big offense. Because thats giving other servers free publicity. If there would ever be any advertising on the server im pretty sure it would be Haloman30 making deals with other servers to advertise each other. Thats if any advertising ever goes on. At CU there is no free publicity for any server of any kind.