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  1. Tada! I actually finalized the design of Techno Castle. You can join the Beta server RIGHT NOW! and check it out. Hello, It's W4R here. I haven't posted much blog posts recently since school is making me tired af. Here are some screenshots to look at!
  2. Hello! I sadly don't have anything new to report on. However, the new shop is nice. It's a bit pricey, but it's a start. It gave me the idea to build a supermarket of my own. I plan on making it a small convenience store in my biggest plan after Babylon, a city. The city will have an underground rail system and the tallest skyscraper in the server. It'll be a bit far from spawn to give me space but it'll be worth it in the end! LucasW4R Out!
  3. Hello! This is gonna be a rather simple post since I haven't done much today, However, I'll probably be doing a youtube channel. It won't be 100% a thing until I figure out if it's viable or not for me; though I hope I can do it. Anyways, enjoy this screencap of my castle!
  4. funny you say that because I do post videos on youtube but not about minecraft XD Nyan Neko Forever - YouTube Saint Archive - YouTube I might make videos along side blog posts, but that depends on my mic quality lol
  5. Hello Guys!!! It's LUCASW4R! I completely forgot to post yesterday (again). but I will be posting about my idea for a new area on the server called: Babylon District. So Babylon District will be a large egyptian themed area focused on the leader of Babylon (being me). It'll be far from spawn and you'd need to take a train system to it but I'll be all worth it in the end as you grace your eyes on the new area! I'll be much larger than Techno Castle, so expect a lot in it! As for random stuff I did, I made a diamond pickaxe for the first time and finished the walls of the castle (yippee)! I'm also making the giant chest room, which is under my house!
  6. LucasW4R

    11/17/2021 Update

    how do you use the new plugins?
  7. I just wanted to show what I saw on my small travels, enjoy!
  8. Hi guys! I don't have much to talk about today but I'll discuss my plans for future builds after I finish Techno Castle. Creating builds in Beta 1.7.3 takes time since walking in general is slow, but I don't let that get me down. Techno Castle is a pretty basic project but it's a large structure that anyone can visit. My next project will be the light house, which will be built of snow and red wool. It's more expensive as wool in general is a pain to get, but once the light house is complete. I'll start building my grand hotel that goes up to sky limit, I'll be located near spawn and will have a elevator system for all to use! I hope you enjoy my work!
  9. I'm really sorry to my readers that I didn't post yesterday I can't really make up for it, so I'll just go my usual route. *clear throat* Hello guys! It's LucasW4R! Today was a rather normal day on the mc server. No one was on sadly... not even Jupiter. However, I got a good chunk of the castle done! You can see it in the images below as well as my house. I'll show my mine tomorrow since it's literally the biggest thing I've mined out lol. I broke probably 50 pickaxes and only found 9 diamonds in total (btw I found more diamonds today <poggers). Anyways, enjoy the images. Also, before I go, give me recommendations for things to build!
  10. it's a lot of images, but I finish the second section of the castle I'll try and post a video tour!
  11. Hello, it's me W4R again! I've finally took the coveted screencaps I talked about last time. Here is all the images I took!
  12. Hello! This is my first blog post. Sadly I don't have images to share but I'll make up for it next post! Today I met a cool player called JupiterGalaxy700, we almost have the same name. They're the brains behind the minecraft axis system near the main spawn. It's very impressive how much they build, especially considering the amount of rails and powered rails it takes to build such a system. I while ago I connected my castle to the elevator shaft, now I built the small hub room for the elevator. It took a long time and a lot of glass, but it looks amazing with the yellow wool I added as carpet! I spent a lot of my time mining mostly for coal and iron, but I ended up finding my first diamonds! I got 4 to be exact but it was really exciting. The castle's roof also got filled in for the first section, making it very nice to walk around inside now... but now that I finished that part. I have to work on the other sections now ;-;. BUT, it'll be worth it since the finished castle will be the best tourist attraction on the server! In fact, everyone will call me "King Techno of the Galaxy!!!". or something like that... That's all for now! See you next blog post!
  13. Hey! I'm still playing if you want to join
  14. Hello! I'm LucasW4R (mostly known as TechnoGalaxy in minecraft). I mainly play the Beta server, please join me!

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