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  1. Back for my every 2 years visit, hope things are going well!

    -- 66boik99

    1. GuitarXpress


      hi there!

    2. haloman30


      howdy howdy howdy

  2. I imagine the day that all editions of Minecraft become cross-platform, if ever, there will be huge demand for servers just like this again. In the meantime sadly, these communities sit in periods of activity and inactivity. Either way, I'm happy to be here. Even if I disappear for years and people have no idea who I am. :blink:


    1. haloman30




      xbox one, windows 10, PE, and VR are about to have their fun


      and dont you worry, we got some big plans in the works (as usual, but this time will be different hopefully)

  3. 66boik99

    Ban Appeal

    What is your Minecraft username? Bamax Why were you banned? "Using a proxy to connect" Who banned you? I believe automatically or by staff member who would have seen the kicking ever time I joined. Why should you be unbanned? I am not using any form of proxy, if you require any form of proof I can provide any and all. I live in South Africa, perhaps some anti-proxy plugin is preventing me signing in? Is there anything else you want to say? Not really. What would you do if you were unbanned? Join the server perhaps without being kicked every time I join.
  4. Good day ND! I recently played on a server that had this plugin that allowed a death keep of sorts for donators. This plugin had three options for players to choose from; 1. On death, a locked chest appears that stores your dropped items. 2. This option just enabled Keep Inventory for the given player 3. Set a chest with a command that stores items when you die. eg: in your home. I was wondering, if this could be implemented if you thought it be a good idea? I for one am all for it as I often die upon login as I have a slow connection and mobs tend to feast upon my non-responsive player. The plugin also allows for specific repercussions for death such as an effect on the items like durability loss or XP loss. This is just a suggestion and as per usual I accept any comments and responses towards it. Thank you! Links for few plugins: Option One - Okay Rep. (Keep Items Plugin.) Option Two - Average Rep. (Tombstone, Clever Plugin.) Option Three - Good Rep. (DeathChest, Reliable and Server Conscious.) This allows you to set a chest in your base with a command. Any chest of your choice.
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