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  1. XxxMadManzxxX

    New Gamemodes for CU

    I agree with Blar and Blizzard, but Halo has a point. It wouldn't be worth adding if we only have the three of us in there. Try and bring some other people on board who will DEFINITELY play. I'm sure that will motivate him
  2. XxxMadManzxxX


    TheAbominable if that doesnt work try XxMadManzxX
  3. XxxMadManzxxX

    Garry's mod server?

    Well, if things ever come around. You know, for a Gmod server. I've successfully built a couple before, and actually have a prepared DarkRP server on my desktop. I'd be more than willing to contribute to the cause ^-^
  4. XxxMadManzxxX

    Modded MC Server

  5. XxxMadManzxxX

    Modded MC Server
  6. XxxMadManzxxX

    Modded MC Server

    Does anyone have a copy?
  7. XxxMadManzxxX

    Modded MC Server

    NDpack had planes right? +1 ND