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  1. JohnnyDroid

    MS Paint Battles

    It's supposed to look cute and surprised but looks traumatized instead...
  2. False The person below me has curly hair...
  3. Some of my favourite mods are: Mekanism Big Reactors Applied Energistics Twilight Forest Flans mod DUBSTEP GUNZ OFC...and more...
  4. Are those some supplements on the right? You goin to gym there m8?
  5. Here is Serbia and after some research I found some M40x-s, heard pretty good stuff about them but they are more like a PC/Studio headset and, according to reviews, they don't sound anything special on mobile devices and I'm planning to use my headphones outside too. Which Sennheisers did you get?
  6. I would buy those but they are not available here or in Germany...There is a shop that sells Audio Technica, but not that model. What do you think about ATH-WS55?
  7. Ok so Razer is out but I'm still thinking Sennheisers or Skullcandy Crushers. The problem with Sennheisers at this price is that the build quality is not too good(all plasticky, poor noise isolation), while the Crushers have the bass slider(which I don't really like) that allows bass tunning, requires a battery for the build-in amp and I've heard that Skullcandy's headphones break easily. So right now I'm down to Sennhiesrs HD 439, Skullcandy Crushers and maybe Sony MDR XB950AP. Here are the amazon links(I'm gonna buy them in Mediamarkt Germany though (61€) (61€) (90€) If you know any other good headphones or headphone brands please tell me, and keep in mind that I only listen to electronic music like trap, dubstep, house etc...
  8. Hey guys, I wanna buy some new music headphones and I can't really decide which ones to buy. The headphones should be over-ear, bass focused, preferably no mic, not too bulky since I wanna carry them around(bus, school etc.) and the price of 60-100$. I was looking at Razer Electra, Skullcandy Crusher and Sennheiser HD 439, but I don't really know how good they are... If you guys know any good headphones please leave a reply Thank you!
  9. Greetings, fellow ND members! I've been working on a custom modpack lately with help from Bobbie. It's going to be a small modpack, with around 50 mods to ensure smooth gameplay. I have already decided some of the mods which I'm going to add, but I need some feedback from you guys. Post a list of the mods you like best. I would also like to know what kind of a server you would like (survival, factions, anarchy...) After some time, There will be a poll put up for voting. Any feedback would be much appreciated.
  10. I still have the same shitty PC from the old days...Except for the GPU(newer, but shitty anyway) AMD Athlon II X2 245, AMD Radeon R5 250X, 298GB HDD, 4GB DDR2, Windows 7+ Kali Linux Monitor: Philips 221S ([email protected]) Keyboard and Mouse: Genius KM-G230 Combo Sound:DIY Pioneer 2x 80W,8Ω hooked on to some old Genius speaker... Headset: Skullcandy Ink'd 2 Earbuds
  11. My friend is selling it for like 50eur, idk if I could connect you guys
  12. Name someone who has a modded server.
  13. I didn't know the theme can be changed I'll stick with the ND one, though...
  14. Happy birtday!!! I'm gonna win this obviously...