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  1. Staaaalkz

    CU + ND

    Any post, Achievements and stuff will be wiped?
  2. Staaaalkz

    Life Is Crazy Bros

    You're a good man rapa... Kindness allways will be repaid by other kindness good luck bruh
  3. Staaaalkz

    Post your internet speed!

    Asian Problem Mate, mine is only 1MBPS
  4. Staaaalkz

    Rankup System Revamp

    So I should only play 10 days to gain prekium acc right? Gonna play till wasted then XD anything for c.u
  5. Staaaalkz

    Rankup System Revamp

    damn... wait so I basically only have to play two days without donating for vip or I should bought the donator first?
  6. Laptop Y U No fixed yourself?! -,-

    1. kevin189102


      Because they dont want to fix

    2. Dialga


      They want to take over the world

    3. kevin189102


      Cause dialga hacked your laptop

  7. Staaaalkz

    Server Reset?

    Hell nahh its already kool m8
  8. Staaaalkz

    Modded MC Server

    Aha thats the risk... but isn't password can only be seen in server log?
  9. Staaaalkz

    Server Issues

    Or try to restart the server, your router and modem... could be caused by the internet falls during inactivity? Well idk... contact the vps provider maybe?
  10. Staaaalkz

    Server Issues

    Your computer seems to keep the outgoing data but i think something has blocked the incoming data... not for sure what it is but i would highy recommend to check the firewall
  11. Staaaalkz

    Extra Moderation Assistance

    basically not much really changed tho but idk feels different... idk if its just my hunch or the server bandwith decreaded
  12. Staaaalkz

    Extra Moderation Assistance

    Its too bad the server still going to use the temp vps... but what the hell atleast we can play lmao
  13. Staaaalkz

    What Do We Do Now?

    then why would the name be a problem if there is no copyright violation? we should do just fine and i think ntx really doesn't need to make this shit as an issue
  14. Staaaalkz

    Away for 2 Weeks

    lmao Aight bruh... just go and enjoyed your vacation when you can xD you earned it
  15. Staaaalkz

    Modded MC Server

    old cu have a pretty good one