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  1. MRtangerine

    LOTV Hype?

    if they didn't give it to you, you would have stole it anyway.
  2. I thought only my girlfriend knew about that
  3. i will move this into a pm and talk about it there rather then having mud slinging and the stupid notion that people understand the law.
  4. I'd love to know how our conversation went? what is going on? and in general what is happening? I'd like to know so i may decide what to do next.
  5. Having some free time on my hands I decided to read up on all the fun I've missed out on, I see everything is living up to the name chaotic. Just throwing this out there but everyone who hates Cu and everyone that really loved Cu seems to have issues with this Cu. Maybe, just maybe if this Cu wasn't called Cu you guys be having the same issues that the old Cu had, which is annoying kids with ddos subscriptions. But that is just my 10 cents about fixing the ddos, the server down times and fixing all the extra work you guys have to but in to keep everything stable.
  6. ill stick with your an idiot and leave this up. No body in ND cares what you say and do alycat, Everyone here is friends and act like a community. You are welcome to cause all the shit you want to make yourself feel good and powerful in your small little mind. I will join the rest of ND and laugh at you the whole time you do it.
  7. Long story short, i am one reply away from telling Logitech to suck my ♥♥♥♥ and sending them a video of me breaking every piece of logitech gear i own. In case this does happen i was looking for some advice on a headset clearly designed for sound, if it comes with a mic or not i do not care. The point is the sound quality. Price range between $100-$200 but id love suggestions of all ranges to get ideas about what is on the market.
  8. id love to keep this going, How does one own a domain but yet not have it and how does one not consider a domain trademarked when another person owns the domain and name attached to it? Also how does one not consider a cloned forum using old files and ranks not a fake? to me that is the definition of a fake
  9. Here is the straight forward truth to everything. Nobody here gives a ♥♥♥♥ about what you guys do, have done or will do. Your drama as funny as it is, is quite sad and frowned upon when you post it on these forums. So please cut the shit and don't make posts as if someone here is gong to be upset if they cannot be a mod on a .net server on another note there is a reason cease is the way he is...he's Australian
  10. i made an account and lost as ♥♥♥♥ on what i am actually doing there
  11. How do you change a ts ip into a simple ip with a name???
  12. MRtangerine

    Crysis 3

    I liked crysis 1 way more then the third but for free you cannot go wrong. Although you will not the the full enjoyment of the graphics on that console
  13. I LOVE buying things online but a monitor wouldn't be one i would buy before looking at. I would walk down to go see all the monitors your local stores have and then buy the one you like the look of.
  14. there are mods that make the entire game palm trees, sand, and beaches. Armour skins, character skins, weapon skins, perks and a lot it depends on where you want to go with it. one of my favorite mods for making the weapons look better. Note this site has every mod you could want for skyrim and the nexus mod manager you can download makes sure nothing fucks up as you install them